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Patience and Justice

Patience and Justice

Kris Aquino

I have told you the recently discovered truth regarding the financial abuse, careless disregard for my existing endorsement contracts, and the total lack of respect for me as a business partner (not KCAP which is a sole proprietorship company- but our movie snacking outlets- 14 branches of Nacho Bimby + Potato Corner; and the just launched Thai beauty brand Snail White). This has taken a tremendous toll on my physical and emotional well being.

Concerned relatives and friends have told me that it is good that I learned to what extent I have been taken advantage of early enough-after 16 months before more damage could have been done to KCAP’s finances and tax compliance, and the trusted reputation I have worked so hard to establish in the Philippine and Asia-Pacific business communities. But as with all forms of betrayal the devastating pain of lost trust can wound you to the depth of your soul.

My sister felt that after speaking to two of our countries most brilliant legal minds, my longtime counsel Attorney Sig Fortun, and former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay- I would start to feel a measure of peace because I am now being guided regarding all necessary legal action and proceedings to gain what is rightfully mine - JUSTICE.

I thank you for your patience in waiting for me- I shall be back as soon as my doctor gives me full medical clearance because I know I not just feel physically weak, but I also look embarrassingly not presentable for my online viewers, KCAP’s brand partners, and all the new endorsements God has generously blessed my sons and me with.

Please keep me in your prayers as I work hard on the unenviable task of finding the strength to again rebuild and find my courageous warrior within.

May i quote:

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Of Life and Love Sun, 03 Jun 2018 19:00:00 GMT
Of Life and Love

Of Life and Love

Kris Aquino

I am admittedly a very kikay girl… I ADORE MAKEUP. It had been my dream since NARS first came out with a palette consisting of blushes and eyeshadows to create my own… I remember how excited I was when Tom Ford had his lipsticks and eyeshadows, I loved Kat Von D’s Backstage Bambi Lipstick, I bought Urban Decay, Stila, Makeup Forever, Kevyn Aucoin, and I loved as in loved Tarte’s LipSurgence Matte Liptint - namely lucky, hope, and fiery, it was heartbreaking when I found out they’d be discontinued so I hoarded. Lastly, I have and always will be a pink lipstick girl - pink nouveau, candy yum yum, saint germain, steady going, and please me are my Mac lip color staples, not to mention twig and the viva glam Nicki Minaj pinkish melon shade. Then Kylie came along and I loved Posie K, Candy K, and Koko K plus the limited edition Smile. And finally Charlotte Tilbury and Hourglass invaded my arsenal.

Finally this will be incomplete without mentioning my Chanel and RMK obsessiom for glitter and gloss as well as waterproof eyeliner, as well as so many Japanese 24 hour waterproof eyeliners and eyebrow pencils and brow mascaras. I have often been mistaken as a reseller when in SaSa in HongKong or Donki and all the smaller Japanese beauty outlets because of the volume of mascara I purchase.

The Ever Bilena KrisLifeKit is a true passion project… I am just so blessed that Boss Deo Sy believed in my vision and was impressed with my knowledge. Thank God he humors me when I say suko na ko sa kanya kasi di sya interasado sa kwento ko when it comes to new makeup discoveries… We have gotten close over the past 6 months and kahit care bears sya with my love for Ellis Faas and he didn’t understand what I meant when I replied kalurx, we now speak the same business language.

And that is giving all of you the best products at the most reachable, value for money prices… He understood me when I said I wanted a creamy matte that had a high pigmentation level. He didn’t feel offended when I said that I hated the smell of the first set of powders they sent because I wanted something that made skin matte yet with a soft glow but with a baby fresh scent… And he went through the tedious process of 4 different attempts until we got the right shade for Happy Taupe.

Boss Deo has taught me to respect what the market wants - he really wanted a cheek and lip tint - I said I would always get an allergic reaction so how can I give my name to something that just didn’t feel right on my own skin? So they kept looking for the right roller ball formulation with the right color adherence.

And now we will roll out my matte liquid lipstick to match the creamy matte matic (Life is sold out in Beauty MNL, new stocks will hopefully arrive Monday) in the next few weeks… within the first quarter of the birth of #krislifekits we’ll have 7 shades, then by Christmas we’ll have 10 together with lipliners, blush, and powder foundation suitable for all Filipina skin tones.

I cannot thank the beauty bloggers/vloggers and influencers enough for the supportive comments… I want to give all of you a collective hug because you did something very special for me - you gave me your affirmation for something I put my kikay heart and my maarte soul into… I love my endorsements BUT because of Ever Bilena I now have a legacy of BEAUTY that will touch the lives of so many Filipinas… Sabi ko nga, naunahan ako ni Bimb kasi may Nacho Bimby, but now I have Ever Bilena KrisLifeKit and because Boss Deo Sy believed, so many more big companies are set to collaborate in developing kris #lovelovelove products…

Thank you with every beat of my grateful heart, tama ang sinabi ko, because of your patronage and BELIEF IN ME- may #love#life na ko.

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Importance of Communication Mon, 14 May 2018 19:00:00 GMT
Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication

Kris Aquino

We were watching either Wendy Williams or Mashed or 1 of the YT channels that I subscribe to... Most of the time I wait for the 5-10 seconds when I can click & skip the ad. But this 1 caught my attention.

That First Connection hit me hard- because I remember this weird memory, we were living in Boston & my Dad had asked while we were watching a biographical movie of Jackie Kennedy’s life (I hope it was her, it could have been Grace Kelly- all I’m sure of is that it was someone very iconic) if I’d accept a stepfather- I remember she gave her stepfather a chance when he bought her a horse to further her equestrian dreams... I said NEVER, not for a horse. My dad beamed not realizing my next statement was- I don’t want a horse- I want the life size Snoopy, bunk beds, and later for me to be sent to Sacred Heart (it was a really big deal Catholic school near where we lived) then Phillips Andover or Exeter (prep schools that pretty much insured you’d make it to an Ivy League university)... My mom & Dad couldn’t stop laughing- hindI ako ma ba-bribe ng horse but the Snoopy & those schools could do it.

The reality is that children need to be very resilient- but in having a “blended” family- it takes much effort- from the biological parent, and the step parent... And this really comes from opening up communication lines... we can only understand each other when we take time to LISTEN. And we only get answers when we ask QUESTIONS.

I wish I could screen grab for you & show all of you all the times I’ve been at dinner business meetings & my 2 boys take turns texting me asking what time I’m coming home? They now add GIFS & stickers & effects...

From all our webisodes I think you’ll see how OPEN our communication lines are... I am a believer that children will love us more if they understand our day to day struggles. And we are strengthened because of their faith in us. The PLDT SMART webisode is painful because it dealt with death, and in a way I don’t envy the new wife/stepmom because you will forever be compared with someone already in heaven... But in a way it is also a realistic depiction of how much children need to accept as part of their truth that a parent can be lost because of death. I liked the emotions in this commercial because I don’t have a daughter and it opened my eyes to the special dynamics between a father and daughter, and about the walls we women can tear down because of honesty and communication. Thank you PLDT & SMART for honoring women and mothers!


If you want to watch the PLDT commercial, you can find ithere.

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5 Times Kris Was A SuperMom We Wish We All Had Sun, 06 May 2018 20:00:00 GMT
5 Times Kris Was A SuperMom We Wish We All Had

5 Times Kris Was A SuperMom We Wish We All Had

Kris Aquino

“BIIIIIIMB!” has been used so much in Filipino colloquial language, in daily conversations online, and surprisingly even offline. I’m sure you’ve said it, loud and proud in your best Kris Aquino impression or have at least heard it said - don’t deny it!

Oh my god, I remember so many people (Bimb, 2017).

If anything, it tells us just how much the mother & son relationship of Kris & Bimby Aquino has, in one way or another, influenced our lives. And if you’ve seen enough Kris Online videos, you would know just how entertaining it is to watch them. If you haven’t, seriously search The Aquinos on YouTube and subscribe. As in now na. It’s because of their candid sweetness with Bimb countlessly saying “I love you Mama” complete with kisses, and their no filter talks that often involves Bimb being a little too honest about their lives. Nakakaloka.

The 110% honesty and shameless show of affection is actually appreciated by many and a lot of people have applauded Kris for raising Kuya Josh & Bimb to be such respectful & well behaved boys as a proud & tenacious single mother. (See:Unscripted with Bimb)

Her love is fierce and we all know that she would do anything to protect her two sons. By now we should all know never to mess with this #WarriorQueen #SuperMom.

Here are 5 times that make you wish Kris Aquino was your mom:

1. That time we saw Kris exercise at the gym with Kuya Josh & Bimb

2. When Kris confirmed that she would give the whole world to her sons if she could

3. The one time we saw Kris camping because she will always put her children’s happiness first

4. And even with a million things on her plate, Kuya Josh & Bimb’s well-being is everything

Last but not the least...

5. Being the Queen of All Media won’t ever stop her from making sure that a family that eats & prays together, stays together

These are just a few times out of so many other moments that remind us just what a #SuperMom Kris is. Allow me to end with a quote from @heycaloy on Twitter, “And this is probably my best takeaway from this: You can judge Kris all you want, but you can never judge her as a mother. 💪🏼”

Written by: Meggie Mañago (KCAP)

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The Queen Returns to the Big Screen Sun, 22 Apr 2018 19:00:00 GMT
The Queen Returns to the Big Screen

The Queen Returns to the Big Screen

Kris Aquino

“I’m ready. Are you ready?” said the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, upon her grand entrance back to the ABS CBN HQ last April 20, 2018.

After almost 2 years since her last visit, Kris was all smiles, happy to be home.

She was given a warm welcome, a pink bouquet of flowers and pink balloons everywhere with crowds of people cheering and constant messages of love and support streaming. Kris was fully live on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and everyone was watching and waiting for her big announcement.

The groundbreaking surprise — a movie with Star Cinema, alongside Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, more known as teen love team #JoshLia. Kris expressed her great excitement to work with the two, and that she is beyond grateful for this opportunity.

The film is entitled I Love You Hater, to be directed by Giselle Andres, and will be showing in cinemas this June 2018.

Kris would like to thank iFlix for allowing Star Cinema to shoot the movie during the same month as her shoot for her project with iFlix.

More than anything, Kris thanks her fans for making this blessing possible. She says, “I want to say thank you also to all of you. Alam n’yong lahat ang journey ng buhay ko. Alam n’yo na may mga pintuan na nagsara. Pero nang dahil sa inyo, binuksan ninyo ang mga doors na iyon. You’ve made them so much wider and you’ve made me a much better person.”

Kris is filled with positivity and love love love for the busy months ahead. Aside from her Star Cinema Film and iFlix shoot, she will continue creating and releasing webisodes on her digital platforms for everyone to enjoy.

Written by: Meggie Mañago (KCAP)

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The Art of Balance Sun, 25 Mar 2018 20:00:00 GMT
The Art of Balance

The Art of Balance

Kris Aquino

I took time to say THANK YOU at Church. I was always taught that THANK YOU was the most important form of prayer...

It is hard to go into detail about my gratitude list, partly because I signed contracts with confidentiality clauses, and partly because sometimes it just feels good to embrace the moment for what it is...

I can share that I’m grateful for sons who remain loving, grateful, and grounded. My Ate has been taking them out every other day to keep them entertained, and my heart swelled when she told me that after each meal they both always thanked her, thanked all the people working in the restaurants, and were very accommodating towards all the people who asked them for pictures. Last night after dinner, my Ate checked if they were safely home. She told me Bimb immediately replied to her text, “Yes, we’re home. Thank you for caring tita Ballsy.”

The 2 haven’t grown up in a conventional setting. Since birth they have been exposed and judged by the public. But I’m really proud that the attention hasn’t had a negative impact on them - on the contrary, my 10 year old is mature and responsible. They have never resented the demands on them because of who their mom is - instead I know I’ve instilled in them the feeling of being thankful that we have a comfortable life because there are people who continue to enjoy watching their mom and get glimpses of our lives.

I think I’ve shared this - I don’t sugarcoat things for Bimb & I let him read the sometimes hurtful & bullying comments because I want him to see life from all sides, and I want him to have full knowledge of what is out there - so that he has the free will to tell me when he doesn’t want to be a part of any additional vlogs & webisodes. We made that deal - I told him that as a parent my foremost duty is to take care of him, and I’ll be doing a good job if he feels the freedom to tell me he can still handle it, or if he wants out.

Being away from them for a week has also taught me something so valuable - I became the person I am because ayaw kong mapahiya sa mga anak ko... I read some of my followers discussing on their thread that I was “like a phoenix that rose from the ashes” and I acknowledge that the strength to keep going came from not wanting to have 2 boys see their mama as having given up. I refuse to ever be weak because Kuya Josh and Bimb only have me to rely on and be their support system. Being needed, more accurately the foremost job requirement of being a single parent is that you remain strong through all trials because there’s no one there to lean on - that was what pushed me to keep trying.

I know that I am blessed because financially I can afford the best possible health care for me... I also know that I need to listen to everything the doctors told me as far as preventive care, stress management, and prioritizing wellness is concerned. It was very hard to explain the fear of saying NO to work opportunities... That’s still something I need to pray more about. I’ve been without, and for as long as I can help it - I have zero intention of ever being in that vulnerable situation again.

So ultimately I still need to learn the art of BALANCE... it’s weird how 1 week abroad for medical reasons can change my perspective about so many things. I now see that as much as I wish I could be the girl who could choose to walk away from all of it - for a peaceful and loving home - I would be miserable after a couple of months. By stating this openly and honestly I know I’m pretty much closing the door on my happily ever after wishes - but I searched my heart since I did have so much time to just be introspective and I saw that there’s still so much I wish to accomplish.

It’s like I’m hearing my mom remind me that someone like me will always have to choose - because my level of fame requires so much time and effort, and I am also hearing my Ate’s voice saying that I have done a great job on my own in raising those 2 boys - realistically as much as I’ve prayed to have someone to share my life with, to just talk to after a long day of work - who would really be comfortable with a partner who needs to put in the hours I do, who has back to back films to shoot, who has a commitment to travel nonstop for work and shoot as many webisodes and endorsements as I have signed up for, and most importantly because of the nature of the job - has given the public the right to have an opinion on her most personal feelings and choices?

I signed up for this and I think you will all agree - I have never complained about people minding my business because when I signed those contracts with those several paragraphs regarding decency, propriety, and behavior as a celebrity representing a brand that is worth in the hundreds of millions or billions, I was mature enough to know this wasn’t a one sided deal with only my bank account benefiting. I have always known from when all those endorsement contracts came in what was expected of me.

The last blog entry you read was from a frightened girl who was scared about what the doctors might tell her so she was creating a scenario where walking away seemed romantic and believable... I’m a more informed girl, now more aware of my physical limitations. And more than that, i don’t want to be rescued because i am living the life my Creator wants for me, raising 2 boys who need me, and i am confident that even on my own i already have all the motivation i need to keep going. I will paraphrase something beautiful i read this week- when life has shown you your WHY, you will always find your ways to figure out the what fors and the hows.

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Health is an Investment Sun, 18 Mar 2018 18:00:00 GMT
Health is an Investment

Health is an Investment

Kris Aquino

I want to be honest about why we are flying all the way to the US for my medical assessment... There is this feeling within me that if I don’t initiate sharing my story I open myself up to so many made up scenarios, yet by just telling the truth I may also be helping other people with medical conditions they are ignoring prioritize their health.

August of 2017 after a full day shooting outdoors during that time of the month that I had my period, my blood pressure at night after the shoot when we got home dropped to 80/50. This worried my doctors because of all the dangers- most especially hypovolemic shock (in simple language my organs could have shut down).

I was told to have complete bed rest for 3 days, but that night big hives started appearing on my legs all the way up to my arms and neck. I have been on low dose betablockers as maintenance since my pre Christmas 2016 executive checkup in San Francisco and my BP problems have mostly been solved.

The problem is that the most effective treatment for an allergy attack as severe as mine was would be an antihistamine with a steroid component. I don’t react well to steroids, they cause my blood pressure to suddenly rise.

So for nearly 2 weeks I was bedridden waiting it out just on antihistamines and topical ointments for the hives to stop being so angry and flatten. I am lucky - I haven’t scarred because the tendency would really be to scratch causing wounds on the skin that could become scars. Cetaphil, Aveeno, and Elica cream have all been kind to my skin.

Since August not a month has passed without me having to suffer through an allergic attack, although the duration would never exceed 4 days. These almost always occur right before or during my menstrual periods.

The triggers have been varied - dust, pollen, food, exhaustion etc... And the main problem has been the effect the allergy attacks have on my blood pressure - it either drops super low, or elevates to hypertensive urgency level - this Monday after a Sunday allergic reaction that manifested in hives in my arms, my BP went up to 180/110 - causing me to throw up nonstop because of my dizziness. Again this timed itself right before I got my monthly period.

I hate worrying my sisters and my sons. The US-based doctor who helped solve my blood pressure issues by assembling a team of specialists 15 months ago was kind enough to help me get consultations with specialists again, but we had to fly now because a lot of the doctors would be going on their spring breaks with their families.

God granted my prayers to be super busy again- I am immensely flattered that apart from my iflix movie commitment, 3 movie companies have all offered me exciting projects - I think it is okay to mention that they are Quantum Films for a movie to be written and directed by Chris Martinez, Direk Paul Soriano’s Ten17 Productions, and hard to believe right before leaving for this trip I got a firm offer with a definite timetable coursed through Roxy Liquigan for a Star Cinema movie.

Some will again accuse me of being arrogant for stating these facts - BUT I worked very hard against great odds for these opportunities to come back... from after Easter until June 30, we have more than 34 signed contracts for brand partnership webisodes and endorsements - 2 of them with shoots in Japan and Indonesia because they are the countries of origin of the products that the clients hired me to endorse.

My sisters are very proud of my career resurgence BUT they made me confront the reality that I am a single parent with Kuya Josh who has special needs, and Bimb who will only be turning 11 in April. What good is all this work success and income if I’m not healthy, or knock on wood - if I won’t be alive to take care of my sons?

So this trip is to get answers to what is weakening my immunity, what are my true allergy triggers, what are the conditions and stressors we should minimize, and most importantly what are the preventive measures we should implement to insure my overall wellness.

Not many people, especially celebrities and politicians will openly share their medical concerns BUT I wanted to remain authentic and transparent. I shall forever be GRATEFUL because of your support for my entrance into the digital world... and I also wanted to impart that professionalism and that single minded focus to succeed are very admirable traits that I am proud of- but prioritizing health and wellness should be just as important a goal, most especially because I am a mother who wants to give my sons the very best of me.

P.S. The state of my health I owed all of you a truthful and factual account... But I have also learned this week that there are matters in order to protect, I must keep private... when it comes to the man I shall love and allow to love me, that will just be for me, him, my sons, and the people closest to him and me who will be directly affected by decisions made by 2 responsible adults...

Persons who believe that happily ever after is a day to day choice worked on together without the whole country being allowed a vote on the sustainability of their relationship. I say this with 100% certainty - for lasting love, I shall with no hesitation walk away from the limelight because to quote the lyrics of 1 of my favorite Sharon Cuneta movie theme songs:


Kung minsan ang pangarap

Habang buhay itong hinahanap

Bakit nga ba nakapagtataka

'pag ito ay nakamtan mo na

Bakit may kulang pa


Mga bituin aking narating

Ngunit langit ko pa rin ang iyong piling

Kapag tayong dalawa'y naging isa

Kahit na isang laksang bituin

Di kayang pantayan ating ningning...


Because at my core, I’m still a 47 year old woman who try as she might to deny it, still prays for a life partner she can happily look forward to growing old with. I’m idealistic because I witnessed that once in a lifetime love and devotion our Mom gave our Dad- and she didn’t get a chance to grow old with him (our Dad was only 50 years old when he was assassinated), maybe there’s that longing in me to live the life my Mom was deprived of.

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The Real Deal Sun, 11 Mar 2018 19:00:00 GMT
The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Kris Aquino


Thank you for the piece you published about me a week or so ago... I felt my blog should give details on the qualities you pointed out.

1. She’s honest

I try - but Bimb says I’m actually “filtered”... I think that must say a lot about the level of open communication and say it straight atmosphere in my home. I find honesty easy because I’m just so transparent, and simply telling the truth will spare me from having to eventually cover my tracks...

2. She shows the pvblic how important family is

Because when you’re on top, they keep it real. And when 1 of you have fallen - you volt in to help the wounded member heal and eventually find her way again... You have to also know that we grew up just so close to our Mom, and she made prioritizing and protecting me seem like the norm because politics made our family life just so complicated. But that was the only childhood and adolescence I ever knew.

(Quick rehash, I was 19 months old when my Dad was jailed during Martial Law. He was a political prisoner for 7 years & 7 months. We left for my dad’s triple heart bypass and our subsequent exile in Boston when I was 9. My dad was assassinated when I was 12. My mom started campaigning during the Snap Elections when I was 14, she became president after the Edsa People Power Revolution 11 days after I turned 15, and she stepped down from Malacañang when I was 21 & freshly graduated from college.)

And now I know I need to work a double shift- because I’m the only parent these 2 boys have. Life has REALLY SHOWN ME, suffering is temporary regardless of how deeply it may hurt; power, position, and fame can come and go dependent on the will of the people BUT being their mom is until my last breath, and how I raise them will be my life’s true mission. As much as having needed my Mom’s seal of approval, it is now equally important for me to be the kind of person my sons will be genuinely proud of.

3. She’s incredibly effective with brands.

Because I appreciate the trust and the generosity. More than that- now that I’m a producer myself, I know how important it is to not only be professional but to be responsible, respectful, and respected. I have seen how fickle loyalty can be - and I vowed to never be like the opportunists I experienced. That’s why brands I’m with appreciate the fact that I am passionate and invested in their success. Because we’re in it together.

4. She’s extra-AF

My only defense here is that I’m the youngest- so in order for me to not be bullied by my siblings (except my Ate) because of my nonstop talking and overall kakulitan - I just stood my ground & learned how to cajole & be my sweetest self when I wanted to get my way. Of course when all else failed- there was Mom to my rescue.

When you are the youngest and you arrived 10 years after all of them - you’d find ways to be the center of attention. Plus- in our family - ang pikon, talo. So even at a young age, I had to learn to develop a very strong backbone, learn how to fight for my rights, and to give as good as I got.

5. She gives millennials hope (and jobs).

Because in many ways - I have the millennial mindset of working hard to prove to myself I can succeed. Yes I like possessions - but I’m very much in agreement with millennials that experiences like traveling and enjoying good food, and living not hampered by borders but expanding ambitions because it is a global community - those for me are more desirable than investing in a beach house or rest house because for a much more reasonable investment I can see as much of the world as I want without the worries of construction, maintenance, caretakers, and repairs.

I love people who strive. I have always held on to a strong work ethic. Plus I appreciate and want to encourage goal oriented people, and I see that hunger and the “let’s get the job done because we love it” mentality in millennials. Plus we do speak the same language - we express what we believe we deserve, and we are willing to stand up and fight for our ideals and principles. B.S. makes me gag, and millennials know how to say it like it is. Bravo for respectful AUTHENTICITY.

If you don’t like her, at least take notes because this woman is the real deal.

Thank you wethepvblic whoever you or your group may be... But I’d prefer those who dislike me to not “take notes” but rather be better than me. After all, as you said I’m “the real deal” - so they should be brave and creative enough to craft their alternative reality, and let’s allow time to be the judge on whose path will have longevity and a legacy of success.

Link to "Why Kris Aquino appeals to millennials" article.

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Can't Take That Away Sun, 04 Mar 2018 19:00:00 GMT
Can't Take That Away

Can't Take That Away

Kris Aquino

This week really tested me, in ways I sincerely pray none of you will ever have to endure. Writing this now, I’m asking myself- where did the old me go? The answer is simple- I’ve just grown up.

I do not personally google myself & search online chat rooms that enjoy the thrill of cursing me, judging me, enumerating every possible thing wrong with me, and perpetuate lies about me. But I don’t live in a bubble either, so I am made aware of every nail that’s wished to seal my coffin.

If I speak on behalf of my family this will turn into a book, and it is a truth- my parents and my brother all presented themselves to voters to judge. I do not have ownership of their first person account, their knowledge, experiences, or victories... That singular experience is theirs and theirs alone.

But I do have MINE. And my life’s ups and downs- look close enough and see where I’ve gotten my strength.

Because every chunk of mud, every accusation about my moral shortcomings, even the “magda-drama parinig”- all that I cannot deny. Because that was me then.

But my fall from grace (once and for all to finally put the issue to rest, in April of 2016 before coming home from the US, and while Kris Tv was still airing Best Of episodes naglakas ako ng loob to ask my then boss, Tita Cory Vidanes, to give me a chance to have my job back. I have a screen shot of her reply because I wanted it to remind me of what happens when you walk away, that sometimes the once welcoming door can be permanently shut. She told me then that management had already approved a new concept and that she was sorry that there was no longer any slot or format available to me.) taught me the value of ACCOUNTABILITY.

In 20 years of working in my previous home network- I was not perfect. I had my share of exhaustion related tantrums, of moments na yumabang na ako, and unprofessionalism coming from personal heartbreak and heartaches. That is why I am comfortable about sharing the story of no longer being wanted nor needed by ABS CBN with all of you. It’s an acceptance that everyone, including someone who was once their Queen of Talk, Queen of Game Shows, Queen of Horror, and because of Yes Magazine- the girl referred to as the Queen of all Media, is very easy to REPLACE. It was a beautiful journey- but just like all journeys, there was a destination and a point of disembarkation. I have a lifetime’s worth of learnings & memories, and I will forever be grateful for the education I received.

In 47 years of living I have my fair share of sins- but this is where my path differs from others- YOU ALL KNOW THE FULL STORY. We have never whitewashed nor paid anybody to do an “Olivia Pope” for me...

Yes- the PAG-AALIPUSTA, PAGPAPAHIYA, and PANINIRA can still sting. But it doesn’t have the same bite because I have already confronted my shortcomings, in fact most of the details they feel they have unearthed, came from me & my tell-all interviews- and I have done my damnedest to rise above them.

They say that the best apology is actually changed behavior. Cancer was my opportunity to verbally say sorry to my Mom for all those instances she didn’t deserve a daughter who brought emotional distress her way- not after all she had already endured...

But time has been my friend in the sense that I have managed to tame my inner demons, and going back to almost zero in my professional life gave me the self-assurance I didn’t know I had hungered for all these years- that self-awareness that my failures and victories are mine... That with or without being an Aquino, this is FINALLY the time in my life I can hold my head up high and say- I am KRIS.

For some reason, I came about Mariah’s theme... I’m including the YouTube link in this blog because we can all always use a bit of Mariah when we need to listen to a voice that resonates EMPOWERMENT.

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Grateful Sun, 25 Feb 2018 19:00:00 GMT


Kris Aquino

Short and grateful blog this week. I try to focus on all we have now rather than look back at all that was lost. These are a few examples of what i thank God for:

Family- especially my sisters who are so proud about my career resurgence BUT will always be caring big sisters who will remind their bunso & all those working w/ me & for me to not just take care of me- but to also take their vitamins & try to eat healthy despite our punishing schedule.

The Texture app- available via US iTunes. I opted for the Premium Subscription: For just $9.99 a month there is such a varied array of magazines i love, ready to download for my reading pleasure every week for the weekly titles & every month for the other magazines. Excellent value for money especially for a reading lover like me.

The gift of technology to watch what we want, when we want... I love my Apple TV. I adore my Samsung 78 inch in our room, 88 inches downstairs because IFLIX (i watch Pretty Little Liars, House, 2 Broke Girls, The Mentalist, Prison Break, Lie To Me, Nikita, Quantico, and White Collar) and YouTube are just so clear because of their apps ready for downloading on our Smart TVs. (Yes, they also have the N streaming app built in- and i’m transparent- in their library i like House of Cards & The Crown.) i know- i am different, most people watch on their phones or tablets- but on a big screen is my preferred mode of viewing.

The consistent thoughtfulness of the Holly’s milk owners (they also own Carmen’s Best) for sending me practically weekly our favorite, Philippine fresh milk. It is their way, according to them, to express their lifelong gratitude for featuring them several years ago on Kris Tv & in their words- getting the Kris Seal of Approval.

The “alaga” that comes from my team- most especially those who are with me almost every day. Yes it’s a job w/ a healthy paycheck- but i know their dedication isn’t just because i’m their boss or client- my instinct already knows when “i’m just a job”- with them we’ve created a harmonious professional relationship that has solidified us as a united, supportive work family.

My sons who just make our home a sanctuary of peace, laughter, and love.

All of you who pray for my success and my good health.

Lastly- it’s just being content with the person i’ve become. Paraphrasing something i read: I love the me of today, because i fought so very hard to become her.

Happy Sunday to all. Just a last thought: let’s all please never forget the struggle others endured and RESPECT the courage they had for the democracy we enjoy now. ♥♥♥

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Live Life W/ Kris: At Home W/ Digital Sun, 18 Feb 2018 20:00:00 GMT
Live Life W/ Kris: At Home W/ Digital

Live Life W/ Kris: At Home W/ Digital

Kris Aquino

There’s No Stopping Kris Aquino Now from PhilStar Supreme’s written by the eloquent Kara Ortiga vis-a-vis Metro Society’s 25 Influencers who Matter in Society where they ranked me number 1.

Reading both - I cannot be objective because the articles are about me. To the Supreme Team, thank you... My BP was going haywire so we compressed your shoots w/ a water brand I’m endorsing. Thank you for acknowledging I was a trooper. BP in the middle of the night was 80/50. My doctor only gave his GO SIGNAL to work if I reached 85/60. Thank God - UMABOT while being made up.

Thank you for recognizing my team. That means a lot to me... And most of all thank you for acknowledging my connection with the millennial mindset. And for really getting the words I wanted to come across just the way I verbalized them. You celebrated my authenticity... In a relatively short interview/conversation, you captured the essence of my digital journey.

Oh Metro Society - that was a back handed compliment if ever I read one... “This is Aquino, after all, and whatever she does, people tune in to watch.” Who doesn’t want to be number 1? Of course we all dream of it, work hard for it, and pray incessantly for God’s favor.

But you purposely glossed over the fact that in a hostile 2017 political environment, when Anti Aquino propaganda was at its peak - I took this leap. Yes I am proud to be an Aquino, but the monetization of social media platforms especially the webisodes, those branded partnerships and full blown endorsements - these are planned, proposed & presented, once approved - preproduction meetings are held with clients, analytics to target the audience the clients want to reach are studied meticulously, then the actual shoots and the bloodiest aspect, trimming material down to 10-15 minutes occurs before the final upload.

So as to not look like never ending sales propaganda tools, we brainstorm regarding my current interests and we shoot those w/ the same DOPs (director of photography) who shoot my branded webisodes for a singular look and feel.

So I disagree (after all we do still benefit from the democracy my parents fought hard for) that I am watched simply because I’m an Aquino & people will tune in to whatever i’m doing... This is only a factual statement - if that held truth - why am I not on network TV? I know I have proven I am much more than just my last name. And I do my best - in a free for all, where respect and decency are thrown out the window - to never engage in hate speech or character demolition jobs.

I remember saying this in an IG Post - political haters can say NO to an Aquino, but I’ll do everything I can to make them say YES to Kris.

One of the best lessons CSC ever gave me during my ABS CBN days was that the camera will never lie, it will only magnify. And for your audience to appreciate watching you, then you must do all in your power to make entertaining appear effortless and natural, almost like just breathing fresh air. And you need to establish a genuine connection.

I survived because I have stayed true to me, and to my values - but I have also been resilient and pragmatc enough to accept the changes in people’s viewing habits.

To end may I quote PhilStar Supreme’s Kara:

It seems Kris feels at home on the internet, chancing upon a place where she can be completely in her element. She is grateful about the new page that she has turned for herself, and remains hopeful as she maximizes the new opportunities in this chapter in her life. “I opened this door,” she says, “and I intend for it to stay open for a LONG time.”

In my personal closing - Thank you for still wanting to read this new chapter of my life, and now because of the digital age, you aren’t passive readers anymore, but true collaborators. We are in this journey together.

❤️❤️❤️ #KrisAquino

Link to video:

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Birthday Blog Tue, 13 Feb 2018 21:00:00 GMT
Birthday Blog

Birthday Blog

Kris Aquino

I‘m writing this as my way of celebrating a birthday that I fought hard to make meaningful... it is also being written because February 10 when we board that PAL flight- I promised my doctor to enjoy my time with my sons and my “me time”...

I love my work- my sisters were expressing their concern about me overdoing it again- but that’s me- this is my passion. And I promised to never shortchange our clients & brand partners, my viewers, and most of all myself by giving half-assed uploads. In my super straight forward language I told my sisters would they rather have an unhealthy kris because she was feeling sad & empty, or would they prefer a very happy Kris who sometimes has to face up to the reality that working straight no matter how self-fulfilling it may be, is not proper self care?

We agreed to a 3 days work, 1 day REST compromise - and as I write this a feasible calendar for the rest of 2018 is being worked out. Yes- I am very aware, I cannot take “this” with me, and as my sister Pinky pointed out- I do have a 10 year old who deserves to not feel responsible for having to take care of both his Kuya and his Mama...

I think I have openly spoken of this on several occasions- for so long career success was my shield against relationship rejection. I survived being cheated on while pregnant during my marriage and yet when I finally filed for annulment the public took it against me because my ex-husband managed to squeeze the poor, powerless boy being cast aside by the rich, powerful girl storyline... How many fights did we quietly have within our family because I was instructed to keep quiet, let the court decide, and pay the price and hopefully learn from my impulsive behavior...

I again mistakenly thought forever was in my horizon in 2014, and sadly it was not. Truth is- I kept hoping all the way until 2016 that a magic wand would be waved and he’d love me and make good on his promises... when that didn’t happen, I also stopped loving myself. And that is what caused all those doors to close.

You will never read me complain about politics because I was born into a much worse situation, and I know how exhilarating yet fleeting proximity to power is. So my loss of luster was because for a period of time, I lost my “eye of the tiger”- that drive to excel... Life is a choice, or more accurately a series of choices. I grew up to be unflinchingly REALISTIC about it- in a home where everything was held together, seemingly effortlessly by my Mom. She had no choice- that was her burden and our salvation.

So at almost 47 years old (at the time of this writing) the exact age my Mom was when we went to Boston to live in exile- I’ve come to the conclusion that my unquestionable work ethic is no longer a protective coat to erase in my psyche the wrong relationship choices of my past, it’s now the legacy I wish to leave for my children.

So that when Bimb is asked about his Mom he will always be confident in answering that “She loves Kuya and me so much that’s why she works so hard to provide for us BUT she’s also always there- it’s not like we ever feel that she’s not around even if she’s super busy.”

My work motivation used to be my way to salvage my wrongs, to win back my Mom’s trust, and ultimately to make her proud of me. I can never celebrate my birthday without honoring my Mom... But I feel NOW, I’ve finally evolved into what she always prayed I would be- a woman who worked hard for her success, shares the credit and makes the effort to affirm jobs well done by those working for and with her, someone who knows how to express sincere gratitude for blessings and kindnesses, and most importantly a Mother who knows that her boys will always come first.

Trust me when I say it is difficult to stay grounded and down to earth when you are me... There is the most flattering adulation and also the most vitriolic bastardization of my existence. BUT- I finally found the best parts of me through the love of my 2 sons. I thrive most because they need me, and my bunso, whom I believe heaven molded in his outspokenness so that I can experience 200% of what my Mom had to endure from me-never sugarcoats, sometimes gives way more information than even I am ready for, but has unwavering faith in me and my abilities, and most of all, is just so naturally compassionate and innately caring that when I pray- all I can now do is say THANK YOU GOD because you gave me sons who make me appreciate today, and make me look forward to every single tomorrow.

This is also a heartfelt thank you from a woman who last birthday had simply prayed to be able to accept that her time had run its course and she was just asking God to instill gratitude in her heart for all that was, and to give her the acceptance to no longer crave for what wasn’t... And this year all she can do is say THANK YOU GOD, for rewarding my surrender to Your will with blessings far beyond anything I could have ever deserved.

So I now return a prayer for all of you, that for my birthday in 2019 may my THANK YOU be on behalf of all those who need the gift of God’s unmerited Grace and the reassurance that faith in His goodness and generosity is never ignored. God bless us all with hearts fulfilled. Please remember as I have the privilege to every day of my life, we are all LOVED.

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Handling my Finances Fri, 09 Feb 2018 01:57:00 GMT
Handling my Finances

Handling my Finances

Kris Aquino

People get surprised when they hear that i am actually very responsible when it comes to my finances... i have repeated this many times, my mom instilled in me the importance of hard work & earning your keep. And i believe because from the age of 16 years old when i stopped asking for an allowance- i really knew that i had to keep an eye on my expenses.

My first very practical tip- be generous with the people who work for you, especially those who have worked for you many years, share your home, and take care of you and your children. It makes wrong economic sense to not reward hard work because the people closest to you should never feel tempted to steal from you because you are being selfish. In the end- you lose more by scrimping on the staff’s salary and food because you don’t have loyalty and trustworthiness if you aren’t a compassionate boss. But i’m also not going to allow myself to be taken advantage of- everybody sees how hard i work and i expect the same level of dedication.

2nd choose a maximum of 2 credit cards, preferably 2 that are tied to different airline mileage rewards programs. I have been with the same travel agent for 9 years, and i use 2 cards, the BDO CX AMEX card which is attached to my AsiaMiles, and my BDO World Elite MasterCard which is attached to my PAL Mabuhay Miles. Loyalty pays off. My sons and i will travel for my birthday, and 2 of our 4 business class tickets are coming from my credit card rewards. Establish a good relationship with stores you shop in regularly. SM has the Advantage & the Prestige Card- several times a year, with the Prestige Card the whole store is 10% off. That is a huge savings! Topshop is great because they give a celebrity discount & good rebates. (But in Central Embassy in Bangkok- Topshop floored me because the last time we were there they had a special promo for tourists- 30% off for a purchase of 10K Baht plus there was the VAT refund!) Mercury has the Suki Card that earns points, every P200 earns you a point which you can then collect for future purchases.

Since we travel often, i try my best to book in either a Hilton or Marriott chain hotel- for Hilton we achieved diamond status (because of all our Hawaii trips) & for Marriott we are gold. The perks are early check in and late check out, automatic room upgrade based on availability, and the all important free high speed wifi. When traveling with my sons, i always choose paying extra to stay in the Club Level because of the free breakfast, all day snacks, and light dinners. Or we stay in a serviced apartment type that has a full kitchen for trips lasting at least 10 days because this can really help save on food costs (especially with 2 boys who have healthy appetites).

I am not employed, and my Mom was super strict from the time i got my first paycheck to declare all income to the last centavo. The new taxation being implemented is a double edged sword for me. I shall now only have to worry about my sons paying 6% in estate taxes from their inheritance from me, that’s a big difference from the 20% before- and it made me regret opening several trust accounts where i had paid the 15% deed of donation just to be sure that they were liquid and had easy access to funds should anything happen to me. But the withholding tax has been brought down to 8% from the previous 15%- so now that my tax bracket has gone up to 35%, it means that my old rule of setting aside a 15% tax fund (because we are allowed deductions so 15% was a safe tax payment allotment when the maximum taxation was 32%) now has to go up to a minimum 20% of UNTOUCHABLE money set aside for the BIR. Trust me when i say trying to hide money from the government is stupidity because tax evasion is a sin as stated in the Bible, you will inevitably be found out, and the penalties are just so huge.

My last realization is that if you can afford health coverage- and you pass all the medical exams required, go for the highest available plan. We have a family plan, and the only reason our yearly premium is high is because of my pre-existing conditions. But i chose the plan that has worldwide coverage and included travel insurance as well... I asked for several companies to submit health care coverage for those working for me and we’re in the process of comparing all. PhilHealth gives some help, but the reality is it isn’t enough- and in most cases you will shell out cash for those working for you when there are medical emergencies- so investing in coverage is a practical and worthwhile expense. I am now also looking at a cremation plan and funeral services plan for myself- i’m not being morbid, i just don’t want to hassle my sons. I already bought our spots in the St. Michael The ArchAngel Columbarium in BGC.

To end this- my Mom again had 1 very practical tip for me. There were many times i was tempted to invest in a property abroad or to buy a beach house for the 2 boys. My Mom said the nature of my job didn’t give me regular hours or weekends and normal vacation time. So the upkeep of those properties not to mention property taxes and employing a caretaker were all unnecessary expenses. I just needed 1 home- the place where my sons and i lived. And she emphasized the importance of location- it’s weird that she gave me this advice when traffic wasn’t this bad and property prices hadn’t skyrocketed the way they have. She said that investing in a well maintained, centrally located subdivision assured me of having a nest egg- i just had to make sure that our home was built with no debt and no mortgage, and that this would hold true for the remainder of my life. The exclusive subdivisions in Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Makati, and now Taguig will only continue to appreciate in value because of their central location and in all those areas there was no chance to add more land.

And as a footnote- i’m a great believer in tithing. I really believe in sharing the blessings God gives me... i believe He really does bless me so that i may be a blessing to others. And life has proven to me that when i keep that circle of prosperity active, God truly listens to my prayers and is appreciative of all my effort to express my gratitude.

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The Makings of a “Social Media Marketing Genius” Sun, 04 Feb 2018 23:01:00 GMT
The Makings of a “Social Media Marketing Genius”

The Makings of a “Social Media Marketing Genius”

Kris Aquino

"Kris, on the other hand, speaks the social media lingua franca more fluently and more naturally than any other celebrity we have, and understands that the currency here is she, herself, and her. You barely see the product, even: you see the quotes, the cheesy bits, the banter with RB and Jack and perhaps even Bincai. You cannot divorce the product from the daily experiences of Kris as the guardian of her household: “This is Josh’s fave,” or “I got this for Bimb.” Like her showbiz career, the Kris Aquino experience on digital is to peek into KCA’s life behind the scenes and see how much of it is driven by excitement, passion, and the occasional maldita-ness that comes from the highs of privilege, and the lows of public scrutiny. A notebook isn’t just a notebook: It’s Kris’s favorite. Papercraft isn’t just a hobby: It’s something Ballsy may like, but not her."

That is a direct quote from the essay written about me by Marck Ronald Rimorin (link at the end of this note). To be called a “social media marketing genius” sure woke me up from my cough medicine haze.

His research was thorough & his insights coming from his subject was spot on.

But I now will reveal more aspects of my life that i’m finally comfortable discussing about.


Marck - may I address you with your first name? You said this:

"Sometimes fortune—good, honest-to-goodness luck—has a lot to do with it. To make sense of Kris’s marketing savvy, we may have to taking her entire work—warts and all—as the basis for all this success. It’s that whole that sells, not the parts: her frailty as a human being, her desire to be the best mother to her kids, her earnestness to succeed despite (not) having a network. Heck, even the last name that has been both blessing and a curse." - apologies I feel the creatives may have forgotten the NOT.

Yes- I am the sum total of more than 30 years of working on TV & the movies. And everything that used to be seen as a “minus”- my open life book, my failed relationships, and the ever changing political winds have given me something that others have never needed to survive. I had to live through the lowest lows but I also experienced the highest highs.

I am a mom’s girl- but there was a time between 2002 & 2003 when Game KNB was at its peak and my wrong decision to fall in love with a separated but as yet un-annulled man really pushed her to the brink- her words made sense then BUT only resonated when I went through my very public annulment with Bimb’s father. My Mom said: "Kristina, stop testing the reservoir of goodwill from the people. At some point you will cross the line & never be forgivable. You asked for this stardom since you were 13 years old- why are you so ready to throw it away? You will only last based on the goodwill & positive perception of the people on you."

On hindsight- I know now why I jumped at the opportunity to marry Bimb’s dad- because I wanted to erase my inner perception that I was damaged goods. But again- this time my sisters were so astute- I was 34 then & he was 23. He was the present embodiment of my first love who never ended up with me, and obviously we all know how that marriage ended.

Marck, and to all of you- the attempt to have a venue for my voice, my creativity was social media because it was my Hail Mary Pass- in other words- BAHALA NA, this was my last shot & if I went down- I went down without giving up.

Which again brings me back to my Mom. Marck I’m again quoting your observation:

"The mother of two who puts so much value on family, her extended family, and everyone else to the point of her losing out—on so many occasions—on what we think to be her own personal joys."

Everything here is correct, except i’m not losing out on my “personal joys”- because my SONS are my completeness. Our Mom never showed us she felt her life lacked for anything, and i’m seeing so much of her in me (except because she’s from a very well off family- she had never been into any branded things. She didn’t like jewelry, no fancy clothes- but she did love Japan and also HawaiI just like me. And going supermarket shopping was her relaxation. ) I am sure you observed from the videos- maluho ako... But I work extremely hard, and in many ways- i’m sure a lot will laugh at this- my mom acknowledged that because of the circumstances of my childhood- I qualify as being self-made because I paid for my entire college education and handled my finances from 15 years old onwards (of course with the help of a team of accountants) because my Mom was so strict in following rules regarding being president that she didn’t want any part in the negotiations for my contracts and in the handling of the money I earned... FACT: I was formally emancipated when I was 15 years old so that no income I received would be under my Mom and to avoid any semblance of her exerting efforts on my behalf.

May I add- Marck, since 2004 my face & my voice have been constants in selling and endorsing products. Because we are such a youthful population- the millennials who are online, and their moms, sometimes their dads as well have gotten so used to me being with products and yes- you hit the nail on the head- doing digital infomercials... But, I am grateful the brands i’m with now just give a few mandatories & just let me be me... And we try our best to have a 2:1 ratio, meaning 2 non branded posts for every 1 branded webisode.

To end this, may I use some Albert Einstein quotes I happened to come across on Pinterest? But because my KCAP online team researched, they realized only 1 is truly attributable to Albert Einstein.

I know there are rules, I broke enough of them & paid the consequences. But I also know I cannot expect something from nothing. So you mentioned: the last name that has been both blessing and a curse- may I briefly expound on this? In public life- it hasn’t been a curse because I have always come armed with the lesson again from my Mom that I will always be expected to give more and do more if only to prove to the world and more importantly to myself that all I have is a product of my hard work. It is only a curse for my sisters who didn’t choose politics or entertainment yet because of their parents and siblings have to read the same lies, fake news, and rewriting of history in order to smear our name. This may sound callous but i’ve always known those million peso paychecks come with the implicit understanding that I must endure the harshest words and the bullying in the digital age. My brother fulfilled his political dreams, and I continue to do the job that allows me to just be me- it is not how the world should be when DNA determines that our siblings must also suffer when they deserve privacy.

I know I am polarizing but this transition has been possible because love me or hate me- you do know it runs contrary to my natural self to not be authentic and true. That is why for so long so many referred to me as being tactless, when in actuality I simply stated truths from my point of view. And when I read the contents of blogs now and the harsh words and cursing on twitter, and the FB rants- the omg gasps I elicited from 15 years ago really seem utterly church and classroom worthy in their lack of mean-spiritedness. And in a world where the “truth” can still be so conveniently distorted- i’ve managed to maintain the what you see is what you get persona (although with good hair, makeup, wardrobe, and lighting)...

Is this a total oxymoron? I’ve actually stayed me but we adapted to the demands of new media, meaning quicker editing, maximum of 15 minute webisodes, more personal anecdotes (this was considered pure narcissism on free tv), and targeting specific markets rather than trying to get everyone watching (again on free tv you wanted to cut across all demographics)... what has really changed is that everyone working with me is young, most are in their mid 20s, only 3 are in their mid to late 30s- but I insisted that my lighting and directing of the branded webisodes had to be helmed by TVC veterans because only true on the ground experience will teach you how things get done in real world scenarios... I learned how to combine the millennials with the Gen Xers and a few from the hippie era. It’s a perfect blending.

None of this would have happened without the correct timing, and all of that I attribute to absolutely surrendering to God’s plan for my life. Thank you for recognizing me- but really this “marketing genius” was just blessed to have been given a new opportunity with a team that reinvigorated my hunger and removed the blinders from my inborn eye of the tiger.

In conclusion, we lead by example. You already know I have an obsession with subject verb agreement and my KCAP staff have gotten reprimanded for pleasing some brands to the detriment of other brands- I have an encyclopedic memory when it comes to my taglines & product highlights- so they now do a great job in really double checking everything before we upload. As I said my Mom raised me not just to be a survivor BUT to be a winner. And guess what- that’s never handed to you nor can you just grab it. Winning is a series of small, day-to-day victories that you nurture and cultivate.

Link to “An Appreciation of the Subtle Genius of Kris Aquino, Once and Future Queen of All Media”article:

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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me Sun, 28 Jan 2018 00:00:00 GMT
25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Kris Aquino

I won’t be presumptuous & think that there’s still stuff about me you don’t know but it’s worth a try.

1. I love Cherry flavored Halls.

2. I love the original Ricola, and don’t like the sugar free ones.

3. Milky (from Japan) is my favorite soft, chewy candy.

4. I prefer mamon & taisan over ensaymada.

5. But cheese rolls we order all the way from a subdivision in Parañaque beats all of them.

6. I enjoy savory pastries, chicken pot pie, chicken or beef empanada, and those cheese pastry sticks.

7. I love Romaine lettuce, i’m only okay w/ iceberg w/ BLTs, and those together with grilled cheese are my 2 favorite sandwiches.

8. I love spaghetti noodles but if i had to choose only 1 starch for the rest of my life- no competition- it’s RICE for me.

9. I love salmon sashimi, especially toro salmon- the weird thing is i dislike cooked salmon.

10. I love coarse black pepper & red pepper flakes, I pretty much sprinkle either of the 2 on almost every “ulam” i eat.

11. I love anchovies on my pizza.

12. My favorite berry is the raspberry. Fresh ones w/ half & half or whipped cream is pure heaven.

13. I adore scones w/ clotted cream. English high tea is such an elegant yet comforting ritual.

14. I keep my fingernails short, but if I do get them polished, i always choose a gel French Tip.

15. I love black gel for my toe nail polish.

16. We sleep the whole night w/ soft classical music playing combined with deep sleep inducing & REM music- i actually have a playlist i called Science + Research based SLEEP.

17. We have 13 pillows in our bed.

18. I diffuse a lavender or chamomile based essential oil blend for 2 hours starting 30 minutes before bedtime.

19. I spend at least 2.5 hours a day reading newspapers, magazines, or books on apps in my iPad. Physical books i buy are coffee table ones for home design, & fashion, and travel books.

20. I hand write all my birthday, thank you, and get well cards. I love thick, personalized note cards, and I buy most of my greeting cards from Japan or Papyrus in the US.

21. I am obsessed with having a rainbow of bright & pastel colored, black, white, and metallic personalized ribbons- we have Kris Aquino; Josh, Bimb, & Kris Aquino; and plain Aquino ribbons.

22. I allow myself a few pieces of chocolate (most often Japanese, Australian, or British) while reading in bed.

23. I only drink room temperature or warm to hot water. Nagbabaon kami everywhere i go. When i’m shooting, I continuously sip warm lemon infused water.

24. I love buying and receiving blankets, quilts, comforters, duvet covers, shawls, sweaters, hoodies and anything else that will keep me warm because i’m always cold.

25. Literally I’m totally okay with staying in my room- maybe more precisely my wing of our home- just getting up to shower and go to the bathroom for 4 days and nights. I am happy to eat from the rolling tray they bring up for me. I have my complete pantry and our cute vintage refrigerator is in my walk in closet that’s connected to my room via the bathroom.

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WO-MAN UP Fri, 26 Jan 2018 22:46:00 GMT


Kris Aquino

Hi James (now why does that name seem to always get connected to me?),

Let’s be HONEST. We were both hired by Petron to do a webisode for them. NAGTRABAHO TAYO. BINAYARAN TAYO. You were informative & very good for on cam conversation... Now i understand the need to “explain” yourself but really? You’ll use 5’3 me as a “shield”?

I am a celebrity with a political last name- but up until today i haven’t entered the political arena. I remember clearly in the webisode shoot we spoke about how we should prepare for road trips with our kids & the inevitable Metro Manila traffic. Well- kung ang traffic nga pinaghahandaaan...

In life we make personal, professional, and political choices. You struck me as being an intelligent man- so a picture will always say much more and mean so much to so many people.

I further recall you told me during the course of that taping, we are responsible for our driving but unfortunately the greater challenge is that we also need to be responsible in how we react to the cars in our midst...

I shall leave you with something I keep in my quotes folder, it has been attributed to both Winston Churchill & Eminem “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

P.S. i’m literally looking like I came from a brawl, black & blue in my left eye & a swollen right jawline. But i felt the need to react immediately because “unprofessionalism” is unacceptable to me. I’ve always believed in having the courage to be answerable for the choices in life I make & continue to make. Just like this Ultherapy- you will hear no complaints about my discomfort because i took on a job- i’m staying put at home, recovering, and oh so grateful to Dra Javellana for the creams & the advice to take ConZace (from Unilab) because of its antioxidants to help me heal & my neurologist Dr. Piano for my pain management because I am so allergic to many pain killers. PROFESSIONALISM means you show up, you woman (or man) up, you give them their millions’ worth, and you have the wisdom to separate whatever divisive political views you may have from your endorsements or brand partners. That is simply RESPECT.

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The Beautiful Disruptor Sun, 14 Jan 2018 23:00:00 GMT
The Beautiful Disruptor

The Beautiful Disruptor

Kris Aquino

When I was down, I shut my mouth... I was afraid I’d say things that I’d later regret. But that self control also extracted a cost - there was a lot of left over angst that could suddenly come out in bursts. It was like having match sticks handed to me, and me unable to keep them inside their box then inadvertently lighting the fuse.

This week when I was reviewing how many companies have really started putting money behind their faith in my vision- I realized I need to be worth every centavo. And that means a BIG NO to self-destruction.

I took stock, in no order most especially not based on favoritism (promise) we have 2 pharmaceutical companies, the country’s biggest bank, the biggest bookstore chain, the 3rd largest quick service chain which is part of the Philippines’ largest and richest food conglomerate, the country’s biggest home internet provider and telecommunications company, the country’s biggest streaming service in terms of subscriber base, the largest Philippine owned makeup brand, the indisputable largest home and personal care multinational, a trailblazing local web based shopping portal, a non invasive top calibre beauty innovator, the number 1 petroleum corporation, the number 1 imported food marketer & distributor, an emerging canned fish manufacturer, luxury coffee machines & capsules, the largest department store & most profitable mall group, the acknowledged market leader in package delivery and cash remittances, the most affordable spaghetti brand, a new Japan based food and home storage company...

The following are in the pipeline- water for homes & restaurants, a giant airline, a huge international high end cosmetics leader, very necessary home cooking ingredients and sauce mixes, sophisticated personal and trusted professional use cameras, breakfast food items, home and kitchen appliances, pre need and health plans, plus a personal clothing line.

This listing is not meant to brag... it is a REMINDER of my responsibility to rise above my normal human reaction for self-preservation, and in dignified silence just firmly defend my ground.

That is HARD - to rise above when others choose to honor their crab mentality to drag me down. But I no longer need to be so vocal in defending myself and the honorable life I’m trying to live. I am not a martyr, and I won’t be a victim. BUT my work and the trust backed up by millions of pesos invested in me by so many are already my best answer to all forms of negativity.

And I choose to be a BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE DISRUPTOR. In a world enjoying catfights, trading insults and curse words, where posting rants and take downs have become common- I want to grow a COMMUNITY of fellow believers standing strong for hard work, trustworthiness, determination, authenticity, RESPECT, and celebrating generosity of HEART.

That can only happen if I choose “to not attend every argument I’m invited to” because I’m too busy loving and appreciating this resurgence and the people who share my values. Believe me when I say - I don’t prescribe to turning the other cheek nor allowing others to disrespect and humiliate me.

Because this is the truth- you know me and you know most parts of my story, you’ve seen me stumble, fall, crumble, and fail... it’s weird but that’s an advantage because we all know with me, what you see is what you get... so unless the rebukes will come from people I’ve personally worked with, or those who know me intimately (and they are thankfully very few)- it’s really just noise I’m striving to filter out. After all this is MY STORY, one I’m still living one page at a time- and since I’m THE AUTHOR, I get to also edit out those who don’t belong while highlighting my loves and my heroes.

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Outlook and Responsibility Sun, 14 Jan 2018 00:46:00 GMT
Outlook and Responsibility

Outlook and Responsibility

Kris Aquino

I recently discovered a poet, rupi kaur. She is a 25 year old Canadian poet of Punjabi descent. She is also an illustrator, writer, and performer. I devoured her 2 books: milk and honey & the sun and her flowers.

This short poem she entitled - outlook.


I have

what i have

and i am happy


I’ve lost

what i‘ve lost

and i am




I’m writing this January 7, 2018. And i needed the whole of 2017 to authentically agree with her words. I’m not happy every single day, every single waking minute- but i have total acceptance of what was lost, i accept responsibility for my complicity in retreating- but i also have learned that life won’t always go my way, yet fate’s kindness remains overwhelming.

In time- i can share details of the struggles, but for now allow me to embrace the victory of survival.

Let me close this 1st Blog Post for 2018 by another 1 of Ms. Kaur’s works entitled- responsibility.


a lot of times

we are angry at other people

for not doing what

we should have done for ourselves


Those are my life’s lessons. Described perfectly by rupi kaur: OUTLOOK and RESPONSIBILITY.

Happiness is really a personal decision BUT i am the only one with the sole responsibility for achieving it. Many people will want me to fail, but many more have been rooting for my success... in the end it is my life, and as much of it as you’ve all shared, i shall be the one answerable to my Creator.  

So with much gratitude & maturity- i accept the challenge of being worthy of a happy life.

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Bimby's Essay Tue, 28 Mar 2017 04:01:00 GMT
Bimby's Essay

Bimby's Essay

Kris Aquino

It's difficult to shield my children from the public- because part of my job is letting all of you look into, not just my work, but my life as well... I believe what has made me a credible product endorser is that you know I don't filter or edit portions of my life- you've always seen the whole picture.

But in this case, Bimb & I got to mix work and bonding. I am most proud that I've been able to raise such an articulate, well-mannered, honest, hard working, intelligent, and loving bunso.

Sharing with all of you an essay he wrote with his English teacher, Teacher Au. He knew how exhausted and stressed I've been, the work has been nonstop, and unfortunately I lost my voice. So I woke up and found the best possible positivity infusion any mother could wish for.

Our home life is unconventional, but it is overflowing with love... Happy viewing & happy reading.

~ Kris

My Awesome Mama
by Bimby

My amazing mama is the world's most awesome mama and she has an award for it. She is loving and understanding and makes me feel happy. She is amazing and kind because she loves and protects me. She gives me hope and she is an inspiration to me because she does not do harmful things like other moms. Most of all, she teaches me love and forgiveness. She is the light in my dark head and if she's gone I feel empty. She was never not there when I needed her. These are the things that make my mama great. And I gave her the most awesomest mama award of 2017.


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Dear Olivia Sun, 19 Mar 2017 20:24:00 GMT
Dear Olivia

Dear Olivia

Kris Aquino

Dear Olivia,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to view my kikay kit video blog. The "slutty" comment I must be held accountable for- I am a single mom trying my best to communicate openly with my son- even about sensitive topics... I have been open with Bimb about my past, not editing out my mistakes and I always tell him that it is because I behaved less than prudently in the past that I had to stand strong against many cruel accusations, his Lola got deeply hurt, and that I am extra careful now about how I look and how I am perceived.

I am liberal when it comes to allowing him to watch YouTube, provided a responsible adult is around. The S word and the B word are frequently used by the "gamers" he watches.

I apologize for offending, but it was in reference to how I look- it is true that most advertorial shoots ask for pink or pinkish nude lips. And it is true that I don't look all that great in red lips because I am not a careful eater or coffee/tea drinker and the red color has the tendency to bleed.

Your well thought out essay showed me that I should continue to do a good job in instilling gender equality values in my son- he is already very appreciative of the hard work his mother puts in as the sole breadwinner, and he is very respectful of his teachers and yayas, always telling them to not settle for men who cheat or men who don't give them love and importance.

In that sense I know that I have brought home the message that cheating, whether done by a man or a woman will always be wrong. And Bimb knows that if you can't be faithful- you have no business being in a committed relationship.

I am to blame in having regular discussions about the type of girl I want him to end up with- and because I know I am raising a faithful man who will be loving and responsible, I repeat all the time to please be very choosy. I emphasize to him that I want and pray for someone intelligent, well groomed, prayerful, thoughtful, caring, with a strong moral compass, and with parents I'll get along with. I said please don't end up with a cheater who sleeps around? Hence the discussion of what the S word meant.

BUT- I will never condone my son being allowed to make a girl cry because of his desire to have many conquests- I think that is the main point of your reaction to what I had said- men are given a free pass and are not only condoned but admired for their having a collection of trophy girlfriends and mistresses. He knows the price infidelity extracted from his childhood so I am 100% confident in the respect, devotion, and love he will give every woman he will end up loving.

That being said we had a long talk about not judging women based on their makeup and their outfits to which he replied: BUT YOU'RE MY MOM. And I said- you do have a point there.

I don't know Olivia if you are now also a parent- but I truly changed after having Bimb. I was able to defy my mom, but I really want my son to be proud of me- because when I am gone, he will be the responsible one who will need to be his Kuya's guardian, and I want him to have witnessed the best possible maternal qualities in me, and not feel that our less than perfect family situation was made less ideal because of a lack of love, trust, and communication.

Yes a lipstick shade should not define a woman- truly may mga babaeng mas lalong gumaganda and binabagayan ng pula- hindi lang ako yun.



Admin's Note: 
This is in response to an article posted on Preen Online…/nobody-slut-shame-kris-aquino-n…

The direct link to Heart to Heart Kris: Entry #01 Kikay Kit video

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HB Sun, 19 Mar 2017 02:30:00 GMT


Kris Aquino

Happy Birthday.

There are people who actually end up close friends after having tried to be in a relationship. I have been wondering why this is so – and with the help of Pinterest. I found some quotes that will best explain why we managed to transform our plot, and with a few needed rewrites, avoided a bitter ending.

Lesson #1:A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves you a hundred moments of regret.

Lesson #2:Be patient. Just like a puzzle, it takes time for all the pieces of your life to come together.

Lesson #3:Sometimes we don’t need advice. We just need somebody to listen.

Lesson #4:If you’re someone people count on, particularly in difficult moments, that’s a sign of a life lived honorably.

Lesson #5:Work hard in silence let success make the noise.

Lesson #6:Be happy. It drives people crazy.

Lesson #7:What counts is not just that we believe we love them unconditionally, but that they feel loved in that way.

I'm pretty sure he isn't expecting this, but he deserves this shoutout. He has been a true friend, and I want to celebrate the person I’ve gotten to know. And what better way than to give you a glimpse of him from my perspective? Because from my point of view- I lucked out that he didn't give up on me. There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little better.

I am a sum total of my life experiences. I no longer want to erase the bad, neither do I want to shine a spotlight on them. But I do want to share my life lessons. And not be embarrassed because without them I would not be me.



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Paano ka pumayat? Thu, 16 Mar 2017 03:58:00 GMT
Paano ka pumayat?

Paano ka pumayat?

Kris Aquino

Paano ka pumayat? Please share your diet secrets?

The truth is simple- my doctors in San Francisco asked me to lessen my salt intake, take probiotics, take a multivitamin with iron (because I am borderline anemic), and they changed my maintenance to a betablocker.

I always proudly declare I am a nerd. I researched everything about possible side effects of betablockers. website

Side effects and cautions

Side effects may occur in people taking beta blockers. However, many people who take beta blockers won't have any side effects.

Common side effects of beta blockers include:

• Fatigue

• Cold hands or feet

• Weight gain

Less common side effects include:

• Shortness of breath

• Trouble sleeping

• Depression

That's all I needed to read- the dreaded WEIGHT GAIN.

It took me 1 week to adjust to the medication- I was jet lagged, got my period, and felt tired and dizzy. So to be very transparent, I mostly stayed in bed and ate very little from December 25 when we arrived all the way until New Year 2017.

Full disclosure- I had my Ulthera treatment done January 2- that's why you've noticed tightening of the skin in my face and the more defined jawline, less sagging around my eyes, and more prominent cheekbones. Ulthera isn't a painless procedure- I would very honestly categorize it in the TIIS GANDA area of my life.

So for another 5 days while recuperating (I am a bruiser, I feel probably because of my anemic tendency.) I stayed in bed & was too uncomfortable to have anything more that arroz caldo, chicken breast tinola, and oatmeal.

I wish I could tell you that I was in Kerry Sports as often as my 2 sons. I can't lie, maswerte na if I am on the elliptical or the treadmill 1x a week. I walk a lot more when we are abroad, visiting theme parks or walking around shopping malls. (I did promise all of you that this blog would be TRUTHFUL.)

What has changed is how I eat. I generally have 1 big, complete meal for the day- but I noticed that most of the time my main "ulam" is soup- I love nilagang baka with all the veggies (if Ate Mel can't cook it for me, Barrio Fiesta or Florabel's Elias are reliable), I don't get tired of chicken breast tinola but it is a hybrid because Ate Mel puts a lot of clams, dahon ng sili and malunggay leaves. Occasionally I have sinigang- but my favorite is fish based and it is dependent on when my friend Mayor Mylyn Pineda sends some to me.

Before and during endorsement shoots- I have trained myself to really love salmon sashimi, tuna tekamaki, California maki, and Japanese salad with sesame dressing. I also consume a lot of miso soup.

I allow myself "comfort/treat days"- on Sundays I have Chowking Buchi as many as I want complete with Chai Tea Latte. When we watch movies, I am allowed Potato Corner barbecue & cheese fries, and because we own it- I always have the Nacho Bimby tortilla chips at home (in our case now, in our serviced residence while waiting for the completion of our home) which Ate Mel heats in the oven toaster & I have it with salsa & jalapeño peppers- I have this while watching whatever series I'm obsessed with.

What changed recently is that I now love sparkling water- and I have mine with a lot of lemon but with no sweetener. So I have lessened my fresh fruit juice intake.

I still also have my morning coffee, 2 cups- but again I have it with a lot of milk (either full cream dairy or vanilla flavored calcium enriched soy) but with no sweetener.

All this entry is trying to point out is that the major change that occurred is that because I read that my maintenance medication could result in weight gain, I became very conscious of what I eat. I know when my food is for nutrition and energy, and I am mindful when it is a prize or indulgence and I savor every bite.

So here's a THANK YOU to Dr. Ryan & Dr. Yap for not only getting my blood pressure to be steady and helping eliminate my menstrual migraines and blood pressure spikes, but more importantly for making me more aware of proper nutrition with the correct balance of once in a while treats.💕

~ Kris


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