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Hi James (now why does that name seem to always get connected to me?),

Let’s be HONEST. We were both hired by Petron to do a webisode for them. NAGTRABAHO TAYO. BINAYARAN TAYO. You were informative & very good for on cam conversation... Now i understand the need to “explain” yourself but really? You’ll use 5’3 me as a “shield”?

I am a celebrity with a political last name- but up until today i haven’t entered the political arena. I remember clearly in the webisode shoot we spoke about how we should prepare for road trips with our kids & the inevitable Metro Manila traffic. Well- kung ang traffic nga pinaghahandaaan...

In life we make personal, professional, and political choices. You struck me as being an intelligent man- so a picture will always say much more and mean so much to so many people.

I further recall you told me during the course of that taping, we are responsible for our driving but unfortunately the greater challenge is that we also need to be responsible in how we react to the cars in our midst...

I shall leave you with something I keep in my quotes folder, it has been attributed to both Winston Churchill & Eminem “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

P.S. i’m literally looking like I came from a brawl, black & blue in my left eye & a swollen right jawline. But i felt the need to react immediately because “unprofessionalism” is unacceptable to me. I’ve always believed in having the courage to be answerable for the choices in life I make & continue to make. Just like this Ultherapy- you will hear no complaints about my discomfort because i took on a job- i’m staying put at home, recovering, and oh so grateful to Dra Javellana for the creams & the advice to take ConZace (from Unilab) because of its antioxidants to help me heal & my neurologist Dr. Piano for my pain management because I am so allergic to many pain killers. PROFESSIONALISM means you show up, you woman (or man) up, you give them their millions’ worth, and you have the wisdom to separate whatever divisive political views you may have from your endorsements or brand partners. That is simply RESPECT.

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  • Posted on by Mercedita Uy de Baron

    This guy does not deserve your attention
    at all!!
    You are a gem!!!
    Love love love❤️??

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