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Thank you for the piece you published about me a week or so ago... I felt my blog should give details on the qualities you pointed out.

1. She’s honest

I try - but Bimb says I’m actually “filtered”... I think that must say a lot about the level of open communication and say it straight atmosphere in my home. I find honesty easy because I’m just so transparent, and simply telling the truth will spare me from having to eventually cover my tracks...

2. She shows the pvblic how important family is

Because when you’re on top, they keep it real. And when 1 of you have fallen - you volt in to help the wounded member heal and eventually find her way again... You have to also know that we grew up just so close to our Mom, and she made prioritizing and protecting me seem like the norm because politics made our family life just so complicated. But that was the only childhood and adolescence I ever knew.

(Quick rehash, I was 19 months old when my Dad was jailed during Martial Law. He was a political prisoner for 7 years & 7 months. We left for my dad’s triple heart bypass and our subsequent exile in Boston when I was 9. My dad was assassinated when I was 12. My mom started campaigning during the Snap Elections when I was 14, she became president after the Edsa People Power Revolution 11 days after I turned 15, and she stepped down from Malacañang when I was 21 & freshly graduated from college.)

And now I know I need to work a double shift- because I’m the only parent these 2 boys have. Life has REALLY SHOWN ME, suffering is temporary regardless of how deeply it may hurt; power, position, and fame can come and go dependent on the will of the people BUT being their mom is until my last breath, and how I raise them will be my life’s true mission. As much as having needed my Mom’s seal of approval, it is now equally important for me to be the kind of person my sons will be genuinely proud of.

3. She’s incredibly effective with brands.

Because I appreciate the trust and the generosity. More than that- now that I’m a producer myself, I know how important it is to not only be professional but to be responsible, respectful, and respected. I have seen how fickle loyalty can be - and I vowed to never be like the opportunists I experienced. That’s why brands I’m with appreciate the fact that I am passionate and invested in their success. Because we’re in it together.

4. She’s extra-AF

My only defense here is that I’m the youngest- so in order for me to not be bullied by my siblings (except my Ate) because of my nonstop talking and overall kakulitan - I just stood my ground & learned how to cajole & be my sweetest self when I wanted to get my way. Of course when all else failed- there was Mom to my rescue.

When you are the youngest and you arrived 10 years after all of them - you’d find ways to be the center of attention. Plus- in our family - ang pikon, talo. So even at a young age, I had to learn to develop a very strong backbone, learn how to fight for my rights, and to give as good as I got.

5. She gives millennials hope (and jobs).

Because in many ways - I have the millennial mindset of working hard to prove to myself I can succeed. Yes I like possessions - but I’m very much in agreement with millennials that experiences like traveling and enjoying good food, and living not hampered by borders but expanding ambitions because it is a global community - those for me are more desirable than investing in a beach house or rest house because for a much more reasonable investment I can see as much of the world as I want without the worries of construction, maintenance, caretakers, and repairs.

I love people who strive. I have always held on to a strong work ethic. Plus I appreciate and want to encourage goal oriented people, and I see that hunger and the “let’s get the job done because we love it” mentality in millennials. Plus we do speak the same language - we express what we believe we deserve, and we are willing to stand up and fight for our ideals and principles. B.S. makes me gag, and millennials know how to say it like it is. Bravo for respectful AUTHENTICITY.

If you don’t like her, at least take notes because this woman is the real deal.

Thank you wethepvblic whoever you or your group may be... But I’d prefer those who dislike me to not “take notes” but rather be better than me. After all, as you said I’m “the real deal” - so they should be brave and creative enough to craft their alternative reality, and let’s allow time to be the judge on whose path will have longevity and a legacy of success.

Link to "Why Kris Aquino appeals to millennials" article.


  • Posted on by melanie arcega

    hi Kris just finished watchinh Live Life! omg super nkk excite i Love it ! cany wait for ep 3.

  • Posted on by Bernadette cristobal

    Hi Kris, I admire your honesty. God bless you and continue to be a blessing to others.

  • Posted on by Teresa Gueco

    Just want to send you virtual love. Thank you for just being you Miss Kris. love love love

  • Posted on by Emma

    Hi ms kris,
    Thank u for the love? you are a brave
    Person,loving, kind, thank u for inspiring us,
    And i was hoping to see u in person too.but its
    Not that easy puro reading na lang po ako and follow
    Nakita na kita dati sa dubai,pero i dont have the chance to take a photos po,may God continue
    To bless u & ur family????

  • Posted on by Cielo Marte Presas

    I know you only skin deep… until I learned of your charitable works for GK. Changed my perspective now look at you in a different light. It is true that you can only know a person once you have seen her works. More than the chatterbox and the seemingly juvenile stance, I see a hardworking woman and a loving family person. Truly February-born with everything seen in shades of loving red and tempestuous temper. Born February myself hahaha! So cheers, dear Kris! Live and let love!

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