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When I was down, I shut my mouth... I was afraid I’d say things that I’d later regret. But that self control also extracted a cost - there was a lot of left over angst that could suddenly come out in bursts. It was like having match sticks handed to me, and me unable to keep them inside their box then inadvertently lighting the fuse.

This week when I was reviewing how many companies have really started putting money behind their faith in my vision- I realized I need to be worth every centavo. And that means a BIG NO to self-destruction.

I took stock, in no order most especially not based on favoritism (promise) we have 2 pharmaceutical companies, the country’s biggest bank, the biggest bookstore chain, the 3rd largest quick service chain which is part of the Philippines’ largest and richest food conglomerate, the country’s biggest home internet provider and telecommunications company, the country’s biggest streaming service in terms of subscriber base, the largest Philippine owned makeup brand, the indisputable largest home and personal care multinational, a trailblazing local web based shopping portal, a non invasive top calibre beauty innovator, the number 1 petroleum corporation, the number 1 imported food marketer & distributor, an emerging canned fish manufacturer, luxury coffee machines & capsules, the largest department store & most profitable mall group, the acknowledged market leader in package delivery and cash remittances, the most affordable spaghetti brand, a new Japan based food and home storage company...

The following are in the pipeline- water for homes & restaurants, a giant airline, a huge international high end cosmetics leader, very necessary home cooking ingredients and sauce mixes, sophisticated personal and trusted professional use cameras, breakfast food items, home and kitchen appliances, pre need and health plans, plus a personal clothing line.

This listing is not meant to brag... it is a REMINDER of my responsibility to rise above my normal human reaction for self-preservation, and in dignified silence just firmly defend my ground.

That is HARD - to rise above when others choose to honor their crab mentality to drag me down. But I no longer need to be so vocal in defending myself and the honorable life I’m trying to live. I am not a martyr, and I won’t be a victim. BUT my work and the trust backed up by millions of pesos invested in me by so many are already my best answer to all forms of negativity.

And I choose to be a BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE DISRUPTOR. In a world enjoying catfights, trading insults and curse words, where posting rants and take downs have become common- I want to grow a COMMUNITY of fellow believers standing strong for hard work, trustworthiness, determination, authenticity, RESPECT, and celebrating generosity of HEART.

That can only happen if I choose “to not attend every argument I’m invited to” because I’m too busy loving and appreciating this resurgence and the people who share my values. Believe me when I say - I don’t prescribe to turning the other cheek nor allowing others to disrespect and humiliate me.

Because this is the truth- you know me and you know most parts of my story, you’ve seen me stumble, fall, crumble, and fail... it’s weird but that’s an advantage because we all know with me, what you see is what you get... so unless the rebukes will come from people I’ve personally worked with, or those who know me intimately (and they are thankfully very few)- it’s really just noise I’m striving to filter out. After all this is MY STORY, one I’m still living one page at a time- and since I’m THE AUTHOR, I get to also edit out those who don’t belong while highlighting my loves and my heroes.


  • Posted on by Margie Eigram

    In this constantly very noisy world we welcome beautiful, positive and timeworthy disruptors. Thank you :)

  • Posted on by Margie Eigram

    In this constanly very noisy world we welcom beautiful, positive and timeworthy disruptors. Thank you :)

  • Posted on by Cosmina macawadib

    Perfect. I dont get enough of u ms kris;) lovelove

  • Posted on by Cosmina macawadib

    Perfect. I dont get enough of u ms kris;) lovelove

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