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i've learned- it’s better to not “block” a person. maturity is the ability to allow a communication line to remain open yet not use it... why? because life already has enough WHAT IFs... and it’s important to be able to prove to yourself that you can read that random text and finally not feel compelled to REPLY.

memories are nice to look back on, but please only visit them oh so briefly... to linger is a waste of the one thing we have no power to create more of- TIME... and once we decide to let go of what we mistakenly thought was a part of our happily ever after, the next chapter magically unfolds.

don’t misunderstand- we’re allowed to reminisce, to shed that quiet tear or hide that secret smile...just recognize and honor what is HEALTHY for YOU... seeing and deleting? that’s also a form of closure.

a person you once loved will sometimes, somehow, and someway, still mean something...don’t diminish what you once felt. for you it was real. but because memories eventually fade, so too does that person’s relevance... be blessed as you continue life’s journey- you can and you should wholeheartedly live and love in the HERE and NOW.

❤️ Kris

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    Hello miss Kris, what you wrote is true, people need to let go and continue the journey in life.

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