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Paano ka pumayat? Please share your diet secrets?

The truth is simple- my doctors in San Francisco asked me to lessen my salt intake, take probiotics, take a multivitamin with iron (because I am borderline anemic), and they changed my maintenance to a betablocker.

I always proudly declare I am a nerd. I researched everything about possible side effects of betablockers.

From mayoclinic.org website

Side effects and cautions

Side effects may occur in people taking beta blockers. However, many people who take beta blockers won't have any side effects.

Common side effects of beta blockers include:

• Fatigue

• Cold hands or feet

• Weight gain

Less common side effects include:

• Shortness of breath

• Trouble sleeping

• Depression

That's all I needed to read- the dreaded WEIGHT GAIN.

It took me 1 week to adjust to the medication- I was jet lagged, got my period, and felt tired and dizzy. So to be very transparent, I mostly stayed in bed and ate very little from December 25 when we arrived all the way until New Year 2017.

Full disclosure- I had my Ulthera treatment done January 2- that's why you've noticed tightening of the skin in my face and the more defined jawline, less sagging around my eyes, and more prominent cheekbones. Ulthera isn't a painless procedure- I would very honestly categorize it in the TIIS GANDA area of my life.

So for another 5 days while recuperating (I am a bruiser, I feel probably because of my anemic tendency.) I stayed in bed & was too uncomfortable to have anything more that arroz caldo, chicken breast tinola, and oatmeal.

I wish I could tell you that I was in Kerry Sports as often as my 2 sons. I can't lie, maswerte na if I am on the elliptical or the treadmill 1x a week. I walk a lot more when we are abroad, visiting theme parks or walking around shopping malls. (I did promise all of you that this blog would be TRUTHFUL.)

What has changed is how I eat. I generally have 1 big, complete meal for the day- but I noticed that most of the time my main "ulam" is soup- I love nilagang baka with all the veggies (if Ate Mel can't cook it for me, Barrio Fiesta or Florabel's Elias are reliable), I don't get tired of chicken breast tinola but it is a hybrid because Ate Mel puts a lot of clams, dahon ng sili and malunggay leaves. Occasionally I have sinigang- but my favorite is fish based and it is dependent on when my friend Mayor Mylyn Pineda sends some to me.

Before and during endorsement shoots- I have trained myself to really love salmon sashimi, tuna tekamaki, California maki, and Japanese salad with sesame dressing. I also consume a lot of miso soup.

I allow myself "comfort/treat days"- on Sundays I have Chowking Buchi as many as I want complete with Chai Tea Latte. When we watch movies, I am allowed Potato Corner barbecue & cheese fries, and because we own it- I always have the Nacho Bimby tortilla chips at home (in our case now, in our serviced residence while waiting for the completion of our home) which Ate Mel heats in the oven toaster & I have it with salsa & jalapeño peppers- I have this while watching whatever series I'm obsessed with.

What changed recently is that I now love sparkling water- and I have mine with a lot of lemon but with no sweetener. So I have lessened my fresh fruit juice intake.

I still also have my morning coffee, 2 cups- but again I have it with a lot of milk (either full cream dairy or vanilla flavored calcium enriched soy) but with no sweetener.

All this entry is trying to point out is that the major change that occurred is that because I read that my maintenance medication could result in weight gain, I became very conscious of what I eat. I know when my food is for nutrition and energy, and I am mindful when it is a prize or indulgence and I savor every bite.

So here's a THANK YOU to Dr. Ryan & Dr. Yap for not only getting my blood pressure to be steady and helping eliminate my menstrual migraines and blood pressure spikes, but more importantly for making me more aware of proper nutrition with the correct balance of once in a while treats.💕

~ Kris


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    Are physical activities included in the medical prescription? I enjoyed the work-out video clip in You Tube with Bimby and Josh and hope that you can do and show more videos with family physical activities. What gym was that, if it’s not a secret? It looked quiet, spacious and fresh. I’d like to try that gym.

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