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I am admittedly a very kikay girl… I ADORE MAKEUP. It had been my dream since NARS first came out with a palette consisting of blushes and eyeshadows to create my own… I remember how excited I was when Tom Ford had his lipsticks and eyeshadows, I loved Kat Von D’s Backstage Bambi Lipstick, I bought Urban Decay, Stila, Makeup Forever, Kevyn Aucoin, and I loved as in loved Tarte’s LipSurgence Matte Liptint - namely lucky, hope, and fiery, it was heartbreaking when I found out they’d be discontinued so I hoarded. Lastly, I have and always will be a pink lipstick girl - pink nouveau, candy yum yum, saint germain, steady going, and please me are my Mac lip color staples, not to mention twig and the viva glam Nicki Minaj pinkish melon shade. Then Kylie came along and I loved Posie K, Candy K, and Koko K plus the limited edition Smile. And finally Charlotte Tilbury and Hourglass invaded my arsenal.

Finally this will be incomplete without mentioning my Chanel and RMK obsessiom for glitter and gloss as well as waterproof eyeliner, as well as so many Japanese 24 hour waterproof eyeliners and eyebrow pencils and brow mascaras. I have often been mistaken as a reseller when in SaSa in HongKong or Donki and all the smaller Japanese beauty outlets because of the volume of mascara I purchase.

The Ever Bilena KrisLifeKit is a true passion project… I am just so blessed that Boss Deo Sy believed in my vision and was impressed with my knowledge. Thank God he humors me when I say suko na ko sa kanya kasi di sya interasado sa kwento ko when it comes to new makeup discoveries… We have gotten close over the past 6 months and kahit care bears sya with my love for Ellis Faas and he didn’t understand what I meant when I replied kalurx, we now speak the same business language.

And that is giving all of you the best products at the most reachable, value for money prices… He understood me when I said I wanted a creamy matte that had a high pigmentation level. He didn’t feel offended when I said that I hated the smell of the first set of powders they sent because I wanted something that made skin matte yet with a soft glow but with a baby fresh scent… And he went through the tedious process of 4 different attempts until we got the right shade for Happy Taupe.

Boss Deo has taught me to respect what the market wants - he really wanted a cheek and lip tint - I said I would always get an allergic reaction so how can I give my name to something that just didn’t feel right on my own skin? So they kept looking for the right roller ball formulation with the right color adherence.

And now we will roll out my matte liquid lipstick to match the creamy matte matic (Life is sold out in Beauty MNL, new stocks will hopefully arrive Monday) in the next few weeks… within the first quarter of the birth of #krislifekits we’ll have 7 shades, then by Christmas we’ll have 10 together with lipliners, blush, and powder foundation suitable for all Filipina skin tones.

I cannot thank the beauty bloggers/vloggers and influencers enough for the supportive comments… I want to give all of you a collective hug because you did something very special for me - you gave me your affirmation for something I put my kikay heart and my maarte soul into… I love my endorsements BUT because of Ever Bilena I now have a legacy of BEAUTY that will touch the lives of so many Filipinas… Sabi ko nga, naunahan ako ni Bimb kasi may Nacho Bimby, but now I have Ever Bilena KrisLifeKit and because Boss Deo Sy believed, so many more big companies are set to collaborate in developing kris #lovelovelove products…

Thank you with every beat of my grateful heart, tama ang sinabi ko, because of your patronage and BELIEF IN ME- may #love#life na ko.


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    Dear Ms.Kris Aquino,

    I am Roque Louie C. Alac, single, 23 years old, resident of Boston Davao Oriental. I am a person with Disability (PWD) Deaf.
    I write you a letter to express my feeling and intension. Beforehand, allow me to give you my biography. I was born in Mati, Davao Oriental with unknown parents. According to my poster parent after my birth I was given by the friend of my real mother to a person who like to adopt a child and by God grace I was fortunate that my poster parent now adopted me and treated me as if a real son. They molded me even though I am a person with disability. He send me to school up to High School in Davao city in the school of special learning and studies. He send me to school in manila at Saint Benilde de la Salle at malate, manila for 2 semester but financial distress happen or occurred in our family because of typhoon Pablo. The property of my parents (coconut land) turned down because of typhoon. I stopped schooling for many years but because of my constant prayer and request to my parents they secure a loan in the bank and our small property was tendered as collateral just to let my ambition to study fulfilled. As of now I was again enrolled at Saint Benilde de la Salle. I was fortunate the school give me scholarship because my poster parent belong to the indigent family in our place. Dear Madam Kris Aquino, Please help me to shoulder some of my burden in the school like board and lodging and other and other activities or projects in the school for financial assistance any big amount. I was pity with my parents because they are jobless and a senior citizen already my father ages was 65 years and my mother was 62 years old now.
    I know I could not repay you but God knows also who is helpful.
    Please help me and have pity on me in my pursue to continue my study. If ever you want to see me I can be contacted in the school or through text via smart no. 09482705150, Tm no. 09161910520
    Lastly, God Bless you and your family.

    Very truly yours,

    Deaf Student

  • Posted on by Edgardo Rodriguez

    I ’ve been a supporter of Kris Aquino ever since I followed her all her charitable advocacy and I really really admire her and I want to put this into the next level para makikala siya kong gaanong kabuti ang puso in Ms. Kris Aquino…I talk to a big organizations here in North America to give her a International award sa pagkilala sa pagtulong niya sa kababayan natin kahit sa kabila ng daming bashers dito at dyan.hope to hear from her regarding this.salamat
    Pls email me @ jamrota@yahoo.com

  • Posted on by Maria Zherwin P. Gatela

    I am a public school teacher here in Bukidnon and the type who loves make up but doesn’t know how to put it on…so i am just contented with putting on lipstick. You can imagine my happiness when you launched your Love and Life lipstick line….i just received my lipstick order today and I soooo love it..i feel so pretty. I will be using this lipstick daily and will recommend this to my co-teachers. Will be trying your other make up lines soon….magpapractice muna ako how to put it on…Thank you miss kris…love love love…!

  • Posted on by DAN

    Hi kris,
    Sorry if Im trying to get in touch with you this way. Im currently working as a nurse overseas. Me and my wife watch your shows most of the time and we know you have a caring heart. I have managed n mkaipon po ng special wound dressings in a small box. I would like to post it to you or your office and you can donate it in any hospital of your choosing. Im worried n pg ako lng po ngbgay sa hospital or clinic eh bka po paginteresan lng ng ibang tao but through you po Im confident n mkkrting po ito sa mga kababayan ntin n tunay n nanga2ilangan. Thank you po. God bless po sainyo Miss Aquino.

  • Posted on by Menell Bernardo

    Hi Kris! My sister came to visit and to celebrate recently her birthday here in Italy. I have watched all your youtube videos and I was so curious sa EB collaboration mo na Life Kits. And since di na ako nakakauwi ng Philippines for almost 4 years already, ang kabilin bilinan ko na pasalubong sa akin was your LIFE kits. So she brought me LIFE,LOVE lipsticks and the eyebrow liner and pencil..which I super love ( I swear may kilay ako all day..sayang at isa lang ang dinala nya sa akin). I brought her in Venice which I believe can very much be named not only as a romantic city butalso a city of LIFE and Verona the city of LOVE. Hahaha diba bagay ba bagay sa life kits mo? And I literally brought and took pictures there with the lipsticks on my hand..kahit na may 15 year old son was so embarrassed while I was posing with the lipstick..wala lang deadmabels lang ako. I hope there is a way for me to send you the pictures….wala lang..I am sure na matatawa ka..aliw na aliw ako pag humahalakhak ka…kasi di plastic..feel ng nanood na it was just the real you. I am sure God will bless you more because your share your blessings to others..LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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