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There’s No Stopping Kris Aquino Now from PhilStar Supreme’s written by the eloquent Kara Ortiga vis-a-vis Metro Society’s 25 Influencers who Matter in Society where they ranked me number 1.

Reading both - I cannot be objective because the articles are about me. To the Supreme Team, thank you... My BP was going haywire so we compressed your shoots w/ a water brand I’m endorsing. Thank you for acknowledging I was a trooper. BP in the middle of the night was 80/50. My doctor only gave his GO SIGNAL to work if I reached 85/60. Thank God - UMABOT while being made up.

Thank you for recognizing my team. That means a lot to me... And most of all thank you for acknowledging my connection with the millennial mindset. And for really getting the words I wanted to come across just the way I verbalized them. You celebrated my authenticity... In a relatively short interview/conversation, you captured the essence of my digital journey.

Oh Metro Society - that was a back handed compliment if ever I read one... “This is Aquino, after all, and whatever she does, people tune in to watch.” Who doesn’t want to be number 1? Of course we all dream of it, work hard for it, and pray incessantly for God’s favor.

But you purposely glossed over the fact that in a hostile 2017 political environment, when Anti Aquino propaganda was at its peak - I took this leap. Yes I am proud to be an Aquino, but the monetization of social media platforms especially the webisodes, those branded partnerships and full blown endorsements - these are planned, proposed & presented, once approved - preproduction meetings are held with clients, analytics to target the audience the clients want to reach are studied meticulously, then the actual shoots and the bloodiest aspect, trimming material down to 10-15 minutes occurs before the final upload.

So as to not look like never ending sales propaganda tools, we brainstorm regarding my current interests and we shoot those w/ the same DOPs (director of photography) who shoot my branded webisodes for a singular look and feel.

So I disagree (after all we do still benefit from the democracy my parents fought hard for) that I am watched simply because I’m an Aquino & people will tune in to whatever i’m doing... This is only a factual statement - if that held truth - why am I not on network TV? I know I have proven I am much more than just my last name. And I do my best - in a free for all, where respect and decency are thrown out the window - to never engage in hate speech or character demolition jobs.

I remember saying this in an IG Post - political haters can say NO to an Aquino, but I’ll do everything I can to make them say YES to Kris.

One of the best lessons CSC ever gave me during my ABS CBN days was that the camera will never lie, it will only magnify. And for your audience to appreciate watching you, then you must do all in your power to make entertaining appear effortless and natural, almost like just breathing fresh air. And you need to establish a genuine connection.

I survived because I have stayed true to me, and to my values - but I have also been resilient and pragmatc enough to accept the changes in people’s viewing habits.

To end may I quote PhilStar Supreme’s Kara:

It seems Kris feels at home on the internet, chancing upon a place where she can be completely in her element. She is grateful about the new page that she has turned for herself, and remains hopeful as she maximizes the new opportunities in this chapter in her life. “I opened this door,” she says, “and I intend for it to stay open for a LONG time.”

In my personal closing - Thank you for still wanting to read this new chapter of my life, and now because of the digital age, you aren’t passive readers anymore, but true collaborators. We are in this journey together.

❤️❤️❤️ #KrisAquino

Link to video: https://www.facebook.com/philstarsupreme/videos/10157242500204768/


  • Posted on by Vivian Mercado

    Watched the events in your life unfold… must say that the best is yet to come for Kris Aquino… “sometimes you have to let go and allow yourself to fall, for you to discover how high you can soar”… all the best!

  • Posted on by geraldine singzon

    I have always admired you MSs Kris! So happy that you have found a place in the digital world.

  • Posted on by Grace Rosales

    I really adore u kris for what u are being a single mom., a good provider to ur sons. I also want to be like u responsible intelligent woman. Just proceed w/ ur dreams. God Bless!

  • Posted on by Pia

    Congrats Ms.Kris with your social media success.

  • Posted on by Miracle Villaruz

    You are still the best morning host a complete package package for me..smart ,pretty and no ka plastican is totoo ka lng palage kahit ano pa sabihin ng mga bashers …goodluck and live long love you miss Kris ???

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