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We were watching either Wendy Williams or Mashed or 1 of the YT channels that I subscribe to... Most of the time I wait for the 5-10 seconds when I can click & skip the ad. But this 1 caught my attention.

That First Connection hit me hard- because I remember this weird memory, we were living in Boston & my Dad had asked while we were watching a biographical movie of Jackie Kennedy’s life (I hope it was her, it could have been Grace Kelly- all I’m sure of is that it was someone very iconic) if I’d accept a stepfather- I remember she gave her stepfather a chance when he bought her a horse to further her equestrian dreams... I said NEVER, not for a horse. My dad beamed not realizing my next statement was- I don’t want a horse- I want the life size Snoopy, bunk beds, and later for me to be sent to Sacred Heart (it was a really big deal Catholic school near where we lived) then Phillips Andover or Exeter (prep schools that pretty much insured you’d make it to an Ivy League university)... My mom & Dad couldn’t stop laughing- hindI ako ma ba-bribe ng horse but the Snoopy & those schools could do it.

The reality is that children need to be very resilient- but in having a “blended” family- it takes much effort- from the biological parent, and the step parent... And this really comes from opening up communication lines... we can only understand each other when we take time to LISTEN. And we only get answers when we ask QUESTIONS.

I wish I could screen grab for you & show all of you all the times I’ve been at dinner business meetings & my 2 boys take turns texting me asking what time I’m coming home? They now add GIFS & stickers & effects...

From all our webisodes I think you’ll see how OPEN our communication lines are... I am a believer that children will love us more if they understand our day to day struggles. And we are strengthened because of their faith in us. The PLDT SMART webisode is painful because it dealt with death, and in a way I don’t envy the new wife/stepmom because you will forever be compared with someone already in heaven... But in a way it is also a realistic depiction of how much children need to accept as part of their truth that a parent can be lost because of death. I liked the emotions in this commercial because I don’t have a daughter and it opened my eyes to the special dynamics between a father and daughter, and about the walls we women can tear down because of honesty and communication. Thank you PLDT & SMART for honoring women and mothers!


If you want to watch the PLDT commercial, you can find it here.


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