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I want to be honest about why we are flying all the way to the US for my medical assessment... There is this feeling within me that if I don’t initiate sharing my story I open myself up to so many made up scenarios, yet by just telling the truth I may also be helping other people with medical conditions they are ignoring prioritize their health.

August of 2017 after a full day shooting outdoors during that time of the month that I had my period, my blood pressure at night after the shoot when we got home dropped to 80/50. This worried my doctors because of all the dangers- most especially hypovolemic shock (in simple language my organs could have shut down).

I was told to have complete bed rest for 3 days, but that night big hives started appearing on my legs all the way up to my arms and neck. I have been on low dose betablockers as maintenance since my pre Christmas 2016 executive checkup in San Francisco and my BP problems have mostly been solved.

The problem is that the most effective treatment for an allergy attack as severe as mine was would be an antihistamine with a steroid component. I don’t react well to steroids, they cause my blood pressure to suddenly rise.

So for nearly 2 weeks I was bedridden waiting it out just on antihistamines and topical ointments for the hives to stop being so angry and flatten. I am lucky - I haven’t scarred because the tendency would really be to scratch causing wounds on the skin that could become scars. Cetaphil, Aveeno, and Elica cream have all been kind to my skin.

Since August not a month has passed without me having to suffer through an allergic attack, although the duration would never exceed 4 days. These almost always occur right before or during my menstrual periods.

The triggers have been varied - dust, pollen, food, exhaustion etc... And the main problem has been the effect the allergy attacks have on my blood pressure - it either drops super low, or elevates to hypertensive urgency level - this Monday after a Sunday allergic reaction that manifested in hives in my arms, my BP went up to 180/110 - causing me to throw up nonstop because of my dizziness. Again this timed itself right before I got my monthly period.

I hate worrying my sisters and my sons. The US-based doctor who helped solve my blood pressure issues by assembling a team of specialists 15 months ago was kind enough to help me get consultations with specialists again, but we had to fly now because a lot of the doctors would be going on their spring breaks with their families.

God granted my prayers to be super busy again- I am immensely flattered that apart from my iflix movie commitment, 3 movie companies have all offered me exciting projects - I think it is okay to mention that they are Quantum Films for a movie to be written and directed by Chris Martinez, Direk Paul Soriano’s Ten17 Productions, and hard to believe right before leaving for this trip I got a firm offer with a definite timetable coursed through Roxy Liquigan for a Star Cinema movie.

Some will again accuse me of being arrogant for stating these facts - BUT I worked very hard against great odds for these opportunities to come back... from after Easter until June 30, we have more than 34 signed contracts for brand partnership webisodes and endorsements - 2 of them with shoots in Japan and Indonesia because they are the countries of origin of the products that the clients hired me to endorse.

My sisters are very proud of my career resurgence BUT they made me confront the reality that I am a single parent with Kuya Josh who has special needs, and Bimb who will only be turning 11 in April. What good is all this work success and income if I’m not healthy, or knock on wood - if I won’t be alive to take care of my sons?

So this trip is to get answers to what is weakening my immunity, what are my true allergy triggers, what are the conditions and stressors we should minimize, and most importantly what are the preventive measures we should implement to insure my overall wellness.

Not many people, especially celebrities and politicians will openly share their medical concerns BUT I wanted to remain authentic and transparent. I shall forever be GRATEFUL because of your support for my entrance into the digital world... and I also wanted to impart that professionalism and that single minded focus to succeed are very admirable traits that I am proud of- but prioritizing health and wellness should be just as important a goal, most especially because I am a mother who wants to give my sons the very best of me.

P.S. The state of my health I owed all of you a truthful and factual account... But I have also learned this week that there are matters in order to protect, I must keep private... when it comes to the man I shall love and allow to love me, that will just be for me, him, my sons, and the people closest to him and me who will be directly affected by decisions made by 2 responsible adults...

Persons who believe that happily ever after is a day to day choice worked on together without the whole country being allowed a vote on the sustainability of their relationship. I say this with 100% certainty - for lasting love, I shall with no hesitation walk away from the limelight because to quote the lyrics of 1 of my favorite Sharon Cuneta movie theme songs:


Kung minsan ang pangarap

Habang buhay itong hinahanap

Bakit nga ba nakapagtataka

'pag ito ay nakamtan mo na

Bakit may kulang pa


Mga bituin aking narating

Ngunit langit ko pa rin ang iyong piling

Kapag tayong dalawa'y naging isa

Kahit na isang laksang bituin

Di kayang pantayan ating ningning...


Because at my core, I’m still a 47 year old woman who try as she might to deny it, still prays for a life partner she can happily look forward to growing old with. I’m idealistic because I witnessed that once in a lifetime love and devotion our Mom gave our Dad- and she didn’t get a chance to grow old with him (our Dad was only 50 years old when he was assassinated), maybe there’s that longing in me to live the life my Mom was deprived of.


  • Posted on by Joy Maldonado

    Reading your blogs is like learning a lot of things. Thanks for sharing . ❤️❤️❤️

  • Posted on by Kristine

    Miss kris for 2 yrs i had some allergy issues too. Hives tbey said and allergy from food, drinks, environment and weathet they said…. been seing doctors too. For thise particualr years had skin, immune system and respiratory issues to.. lastly i was diagnose with blood pressure problems tbey said because of my lifestyle, im overweight, had UTI issues that was reallt my hard for me… every othet week we see my OB amd that only thing tbey said was i need to drink this i need to do that… i thought i had sugar problem issues too but it was cleared… also age/ph issues and so on.. i was really depressed too… because a yr before that my dad passed away the had a miscarriage months after… so many speculations, confusion but mainly i was afraid because i was really sick and been taking so much medicine for allegies, asthma, antibiotic and hypertension meds etc…… has braces.. i let it go.. becauae i was also reseaching and making my own way yo help.myself. bought so many thing from soap to ointments and other anti histamic meds.. bothing seemed to help me…

    Was based abroad that time… oct 2017 we came back here in Ph… because of some family agreement..

    2 months ago.. i bumped into a post.. cant remember the link.. i read about parasites in the body and all… i dont usually get into buying things base on wotds.. but there is something in me that is eager to know more so i did some googling… and read some reviews.. so to makenit short i ordered a product. Delivered .. but diidbt took it . Was hesitant at first then i did… after a week i didnt notice anything special.. but just the same
    . I did what was asked… then 3rd week came.. i noticed i dont itch as much… esp on the parts that i usually have some issues too..

    Then my period came.. its so weird cause im on my third day but its not on the heavy flow..3rd day on the wee hours i went to pee and i noticed after clump.of blood and fleshy thing with it accompany with my morning pee… because i was so sleepy i flushed it and went to bed the next day i noticed all my itch issues specially in my private area was gone…

    So until.to.this day i was taking it. And i dont know if it helpde me or becuase of some other things..

    But if you like to know more.. please email me.. id be to share to you infos a box and try it out for ypurself

  • Posted on by Rayamaya

    You have chronic idiopathic urticaria. And you don’t need to see an internist in America to refer you to an allergist to diagnose that. Nasolve talaga ng us based doctor mo ang bp mo? Kaya ng bagong graduate na doctor to treat your hypertension. Kaya ng kahit kaninong allergist to start you on one or two or three antihistamines including Zantac. If needed magmontelukast ka. And stop checking your blood pressure if you’re asymptomatic. Kahit sino tataas ang bp of stressed. It’s normal response, it’s supposed to go up!! Kaya ka naging hypotensive kasi youre overtreating normal response increased blood pressure. And hwag Lang Maarten. A bp of 80/50 will not cause organ damage in all patients unless septic ka or nawawalan ka ng dugo. I have yet to hear of someone die from mild neurogenic hypotension.

    FYI lang. huwag kang sensitive at ma galit sa post ko kasi you chose to air your medical problems to public. And please post my comment

    The Filipino is worth dying for but too low to be your doctor?

  • Posted on by Evelyn tabada

    Ms. Kris . you can enlist the help of a holy priest to administer the rites of anointing the sick. It did great with my mother who was sick. .twice she received it and after each, she regained her health. I am a woman of science but at the same time a woman of Faith. Combining the two is not bad in my opinion. The holy Bible says to call a priest when someone is sick in the family. . Does not mean one is dying.

  • Posted on by MARIE CHRISTINE Alagos

    Greetings Ma’am Kris! May you feel better the soonest. I maybe a stranger to you Ma’am but we once met when you bought a pianio at lyric sm megamall. I was the one who assisted you. Ma’am i would just like to be of help if given the chance. I am presently a distributor of ifern products that could somehow help you with your present condition. You can try fern d. Its a vitamin d supplement that treats a lot of diseases such as, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, skin allergies, kidney problems, and many more. It’s called a miracle pillm proven safe and effective po. Pwede nho po i search sa net po. Fern d ( cholecalciferol vit d3 po. ). Just sharing Ma’am.

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