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Nobody can predict how and when things end... But we have control of our behavior after GOODBYE.

If all you’re taking away with you are memories, then consider yourself lucky. The last thing anybody needs is to walk away with blood or mud on their hands.
Give both of you the one important gift a failed relationship can ever meaningfully offer- dignity that’s intact.

I’ve broken hearts, and i’ve also had my heart broken enough times to know- it isn’t forgiving the once beloved that’s a struggle... it is accepting that the future will now be even more unpredictable. it is the realization that you’re consigned to having had a guest appearance in each other’s life stories but you will never again be a central character.

You took the risk, and now you know that a person, much like a situation sometimes is only a temporary source of happiness... don’t make the mistake of crucifying each other for sins already erased by the cleansing power of an ending.
That’s right- the jilted don’t get a free pass to now be less for once having loved more. Do not chronicle the events that led to the end. Because you will be judged- not for how much you had given, but for how much you had taken.

Leave as peacefully as you had entered. Because the banging of a door marked exit won’t alter the fact you’re now outside.

And if you want other doors to eventually open, don’t persistently knock and make a nuisance of yourself. Wait optimistically for that new door to open effortlessly because nobody invites a storm in, but everyone always welcomes a breath of fresh air.

❤️ Kris


  • Posted on by Carl Cabs

    Hi, Ms. Kris. Good day!
    Actually, I’ve tried a lot of ways to connect with you in person, but of course such a person like you it is impossible to happen. I just really have this problem that I really don’t know what to do na parang na trauma na ako sa nangyari and kinakabahan na ko sa tuwing maiisip ko na mangyayari sa mga susunod and I think yung taong makaka relate lang makakatulong saken and at the same time yung strong person na napagtagumpayan na malampasan yung ganun din na klase ng sitwasyon. I just really don’t know what to do i feel like i’m inside a box mag isa na hindi alam gagawin. Hindi ko alam kung ma consider ba siya as depression because yes maraming beses na din akong nagtangka ng kung ano man ang ginagawa ng ganung mga tao na nakaramdam ng depression, but there is something inside me na parang nagsasabi na hindi dapat strong ako. I just really don’t know what to do Ms. Kris i’m confused, nervous, feeling weak and traumatized. I don’t want to lose but i can’t forgive and forget what happened and what has been said bumabalik siya lage sa isip ko and mas lalo lumalalim yung sakit. I’m not hoping that my comment/message will be published, I’m just hoping that this will reaches you cause i am really desperate to talk with you.

  • Posted on by Lester Lau

    Hi Ms. Kris ask ko lang kung san nag papadentist si Josh? May pamangkin kasi ako na may authism siyempre gusto namin kung saan siya safe. Thank you so much. God bless.

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