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Dear Olivia,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to view my kikay kit video blog. The "slutty" comment I must be held accountable for- I am a single mom trying my best to communicate openly with my son- even about sensitive topics... I have been open with Bimb about my past, not editing out my mistakes and I always tell him that it is because I behaved less than prudently in the past that I had to stand strong against many cruel accusations, his Lola got deeply hurt, and that I am extra careful now about how I look and how I am perceived.

I am liberal when it comes to allowing him to watch YouTube, provided a responsible adult is around. The S word and the B word are frequently used by the "gamers" he watches.

I apologize for offending, but it was in reference to how I look- it is true that most advertorial shoots ask for pink or pinkish nude lips. And it is true that I don't look all that great in red lips because I am not a careful eater or coffee/tea drinker and the red color has the tendency to bleed.

Your well thought out essay showed me that I should continue to do a good job in instilling gender equality values in my son- he is already very appreciative of the hard work his mother puts in as the sole breadwinner, and he is very respectful of his teachers and yayas, always telling them to not settle for men who cheat or men who don't give them love and importance.

In that sense I know that I have brought home the message that cheating, whether done by a man or a woman will always be wrong. And Bimb knows that if you can't be faithful- you have no business being in a committed relationship.

I am to blame in having regular discussions about the type of girl I want him to end up with- and because I know I am raising a faithful man who will be loving and responsible, I repeat all the time to please be very choosy. I emphasize to him that I want and pray for someone intelligent, well groomed, prayerful, thoughtful, caring, with a strong moral compass, and with parents I'll get along with. I said please don't end up with a cheater who sleeps around? Hence the discussion of what the S word meant.

BUT- I will never condone my son being allowed to make a girl cry because of his desire to have many conquests- I think that is the main point of your reaction to what I had said- men are given a free pass and are not only condoned but admired for their having a collection of trophy girlfriends and mistresses. He knows the price infidelity extracted from his childhood so I am 100% confident in the respect, devotion, and love he will give every woman he will end up loving.

That being said we had a long talk about not judging women based on their makeup and their outfits to which he replied: BUT YOU'RE MY MOM. And I said- you do have a point there.

I don't know Olivia if you are now also a parent- but I truly changed after having Bimb. I was able to defy my mom, but I really want my son to be proud of me- because when I am gone, he will be the responsible one who will need to be his Kuya's guardian, and I want him to have witnessed the best possible maternal qualities in me, and not feel that our less than perfect family situation was made less ideal because of a lack of love, trust, and communication.

Yes a lipstick shade should not define a woman- truly may mga babaeng mas lalong gumaganda and binabagayan ng pula- hindi lang ako yun.



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