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It's difficult to shield my children from the public- because part of my job is letting all of you look into, not just my work, but my life as well... I believe what has made me a credible product endorser is that you know I don't filter or edit portions of my life- you've always seen the whole picture.

But in this case, Bimb & I got to mix work and bonding. I am most proud that I've been able to raise such an articulate, well-mannered, honest, hard working, intelligent, and loving bunso.

Sharing with all of you an essay he wrote with his English teacher, Teacher Au. He knew how exhausted and stressed I've been, the work has been nonstop, and unfortunately I lost my voice. So I woke up and found the best possible positivity infusion any mother could wish for.

Our home life is unconventional, but it is overflowing with love... Happy viewing & happy reading.

~ Kris

My Awesome Mama
by Bimby

My amazing mama is the world's most awesome mama and she has an award for it. She is loving and understanding and makes me feel happy. She is amazing and kind because she loves and protects me. She gives me hope and she is an inspiration to me because she does not do harmful things like other moms. Most of all, she teaches me love and forgiveness. She is the light in my dark head and if she's gone I feel empty. She was never not there when I needed her. These are the things that make my mama great. And I gave her the most awesomest mama award of 2017.



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    My mom is as sweet as you as well Kris. I am praying that you will have a longer life pa to continue inspiring people.

  • Posted on by Margie Eigram

    God bless you and your family. Stay healthy so that you can enjoy seeing you kids grow into successful and productive adults.

  • Posted on by Dianne

    This is the sweetest. You may never be the greatest daughter your mom deserved pero bawing bawi sa pagiging nanay. You’re mom is definitely proud of what you’ve become, and as a fan, I’m so proud of you!

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