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I won’t be presumptuous & think that there’s still stuff about me you don’t know but it’s worth a try.

1. I love Cherry flavored Halls.

2. I love the original Ricola, and don’t like the sugar free ones.

3. Milky (from Japan) is my favorite soft, chewy candy.

4. I prefer mamon & taisan over ensaymada.

5. But cheese rolls we order all the way from a subdivision in Parañaque beats all of them.

6. I enjoy savory pastries, chicken pot pie, chicken or beef empanada, and those cheese pastry sticks.

7. I love Romaine lettuce, i’m only okay w/ iceberg w/ BLTs, and those together with grilled cheese are my 2 favorite sandwiches.

8. I love spaghetti noodles but if i had to choose only 1 starch for the rest of my life- no competition- it’s RICE for me.

9. I love salmon sashimi, especially toro salmon- the weird thing is i dislike cooked salmon.

10. I love coarse black pepper & red pepper flakes, I pretty much sprinkle either of the 2 on almost every “ulam” i eat.

11. I love anchovies on my pizza.

12. My favorite berry is the raspberry. Fresh ones w/ half & half or whipped cream is pure heaven.

13. I adore scones w/ clotted cream. English high tea is such an elegant yet comforting ritual.

14. I keep my fingernails short, but if I do get them polished, i always choose a gel French Tip.

15. I love black gel for my toe nail polish.

16. We sleep the whole night w/ soft classical music playing combined with deep sleep inducing & REM music- i actually have a playlist i called Science + Research based SLEEP.

17. We have 13 pillows in our bed.

18. I diffuse a lavender or chamomile based essential oil blend for 2 hours starting 30 minutes before bedtime.

19. I spend at least 2.5 hours a day reading newspapers, magazines, or books on apps in my iPad. Physical books i buy are coffee table ones for home design, style & fashion, and travel books.

20. I hand write all my birthday, thank you, and get well cards. I love thick, personalized note cards, and I buy most of my greeting cards from Japan or Papyrus in the US.

21. I am obsessed with having a rainbow of bright & pastel colored, black, white, and metallic personalized ribbons- we have Kris Aquino; Josh, Bimb, & Kris Aquino; and plain Aquino ribbons.

22. I allow myself a few pieces of chocolate (most often Japanese, Australian, or British) while reading in bed.

23. I only drink room temperature or warm to hot water. Nagbabaon kami everywhere i go. When i’m shooting, I continuously sip warm lemon infused water.

24. I love buying and receiving blankets, quilts, comforters, duvet covers, shawls, sweaters, hoodies and anything else that will keep me warm because i’m always cold.

25. Literally I’m totally okay with staying in my room- maybe more precisely my wing of our home- just getting up to shower and go to the bathroom for 4 days and nights. I am happy to eat from the rolling tray they bring up for me. I have my complete pantry and our cute vintage style refrigerator is in my walk in closet that’s connected to my room via the bathroom.


  • Posted on by Juliet

    Stay happy and bubbly..Continue to spread L♥ve and take good care of yourself.

  • Posted on by Howard Ray

    That #11 thingy is so weird of you ?

  • Posted on by Jin Marollano

    Happy birthday Ms. Kris.
    You are an inspiration to a single mom like me.
    Please know that You are Loved.
    Have a blast.

  • Posted on by Josephine

    Hi Ms. kris. Happy birthday ? po! I really miss you sa mga talks shows mo noon with Kuya Boy Abunda! You are very smart and brave woman. I subscribed TFC before here in U.S A. Mapanood ko lang yong Kris Tv. Nakaka inspired kasi dahil you covered a lot of scenes that makakapulot aral sa manonood. I hope one day babalik ka sa talks shows… I canceled my TFC since noong umalis ka. Take care always .

  • Posted on by Ron

    Happy Birthday.Lumaki ako sa mga talk shows mo like Today with Kris and The Buzz to name a few.I was really sad when I watched your last episode of Kris TV.I saw sa mga mata mo while watching na na-sad ka talaga leaving the show..past forward to this present day,I love watching you on YT!Parang mas lalo kita nakilala..mas lalo ka napalapit sa puso ng mga taong umiidulo sayo.Sa kabila ng maraming controversies na nakakihan ko na nadadawit ang name mo,I want you to know that I am still and always be one of your supporters no matter what.Duh,ikaw kaya ang original “it” girl ng Pinas!???Happy Happy Happy Birthday.I wish you good health and sana matupad ang kung ano ang kahilingan ng puso mo.God bless you and the kids and your family.Pls continue being an inspiration to all of us.Pls don’t get tired sharing us your knowledge and wittiness?

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